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March 6, 2014

Race The Stig from BBC’s Top Gear! #RaceStig

I love show Top Gear. So when I saw that BBC had released the game Race The Stig today, I quickly downloaded it from the Windows Phone Store. It was the reason why I was late coming into work this morning (woops!). The game is super fun. You essentially go head-to-head with Top Gear’s very own tame racing driver – The Stig!



As you play, you speed through iconic Top Gear locations driving the series’ most recognizable cars like Richard Hammond’s beloved Oliver, Jeremy Clarkson’s Italian police car (complete with Ben Hur wheels), James May’s Amphibious Triumph Herald, and yes – even Geoff.


The goal is to collect as many Golden Nuts as possible while dodging obstacles and other vehicles and being chased by The Stig. You can customize yourself before picking your car with a wide selection of helmets and soar over traffic in the Rocket Robin or become invincible with the Indestructible Pickup. Then you choose to accept challenges from the white coated Top Gear producers. Oh and show off your high scores too via Facebook and Twitter. Download Race The Stig today for free from the Windows Phone Store.

For more on Race The Stig, read this post from!

BBC also has two other Top Gear apps for both Windows and Windows Phone including one that lets you build your own “Cool Wall” – see my post here from last month.