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March 25, 2014

Here’s the Next Big Thing – this month’s look at the top new indie games for Windows Phone and Windows

We love seeing what our top independent developers bring to the Windows and Windows Phone Stores each month. This month is no exception, with a crop of great new titles recently added to The Next Big Thing Collection for Windows Phone – games like Zombie Tsunami, Machinarium, Skelly Rider, Unroll It and more.

Here’s a closer look at some of the new titles:

Zombie Tsunami


Usually games have you running from zombies or battling them, but in this wildly fun adventure, you’re one of the staggering hordes. Take your place in the rampage and attack unfortunate survivors, adding them to your ranks. You’re hungry. You’re unstoppable. You’re part of the Zombie Tsunami! Download Zombie Tsunami for free from the Windows Phone Store!

Skelly Rider


This endless-runner RPG puts a dapper skeleton – “Skelly” – on the run from a monstrous Tyrannosaurus Rex that is terrorizing the countryside. Your challenge: keep Skelly on his winged mount and help him avoid the many obstacles he’ll face as he flies near and far. Face dangers with him, collect gold along the way, even compete with players on global leaderboards. Download Skelly Rider for free from the Windows Phone Store!

Galactic Rush


Who’s the fastest in the galaxy? In this endless-runner game, that’s the question for you to answer, proving your zip-zag-jump-run prowess to earn the title. You can represent humans or other alien races, and you can take advantage of power-ups to complete challenges and earn rewards. Put your running shoes on and lace them up – the biggest race in the galaxy is about to begin! Download Galactic Rush for free from the Windows Phone Store!



This little robot has been consigned to a big scrap heap behind the city of Machinarium, but even worse, his robot girlfriend is in distress and needs his help. That’s where the adventure begins, with our little guy confronting the Black Cap Brotherhood to save her. You’ll encounter a range of evil robots in this rusty world, solving logic puzzles and brain teasers along the way. Can he rescue his girl and make her day? With your help, of course! Download Machinarium for $4.99 (U.S.) from the Windows Phone Store!



Add ‘em up and blow ‘em up – that’s the addictively fun goal behind this explosive game, filled with wacky characters and imaginative animation. Just flatten as many constructions as you can by setting up, adding up and blowing up the numbers 1 to 9. Sound easy? You’ll get the hang of things quickly, but mastery will take time. There are more than 50 levels and 120 bonus challenges to keep you guessing and going. Numolition is a fun time for all ages – no matter how honed your math skills may be. Download Numolition for $1.49 (U.S.) from the Windows Phone Store!

Dengen Chronicles



Here’s your chance to be the hero of your favorite comic – all in an engaging Manga card game. With four Manga families at war (Ninja, Fantasy, Robot and School), you’ll need to pick a side, build your card deck of warriors and head into battle. Your warriors are super-customizable, with thousands of fantasy fight items – and you can challenge real opponents in turn-based matches. Play your saga and see your Manga future unfold. Download Dengen Chronicles for free from the Windows Phone Store and download it for free from the Windows Store!

Unroll It



Keeping things simple makes this game incredibly fun. All you do is move the blocks up, down and sideways to create a continuous path for a little white ball to reach its red goal. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Just trust that as the challenge increases, the fun does, too. Download Unroll It for free from the Windows Phone Store and download it for free from the Windows Store!

Zombie Ragdoll



For physics fun with some wild-eyed ragdolls, start here. These ragdolls are zombies, too, so you can turn them into deadly weapons with no harm done: aim, tap, and shoot them as you work your way through each level. Live Tiles show you high scores and which lab you’ve reached, and you can purchase coins and gems in-app to help you beat levels. Try some apocalyptic ragdoll fun today! Download Zombie Ragdoll for free from the Windows Phone Store and download it for free from the Windows Store!

Start off your spring with some great new indie games. Check out these and more in The Next Big Thing Collection in the Windows Phone Store!