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March 28, 2014

Roundup of awesome games from Microsoft Studios for Windows

Microsoft Studios has been delivering tons of awesome games for Windows over the past few months as well as game updates that make gaming super fun on your Windows PC or tablet. Because of this, I thought it made sense to do a re-cap of some of the latest games and game updates for you to check out if you haven’t already. Games from Microsoft Studios also come with Xbox Live integration that lets you share your gaming awesomeness with your friends on Xbox Live – the same account you use to play on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One!

HEXIC (New!):


HEIXC is a game full of addictive fun of spinning and matching hexagons across 100 challenging levels of puzzles. The excitement and adventure are the same, but now with innovative new touch controls for your Windows tablet. The gameplay has been changed up, too – you’ll battle encryption cells, corruption clusters, mysterious dark fragments and viral vectors. And you enjoy Xbox Live Integration, along with social integration through Facebook. Get ready for hours of five-sided fun! Download HEXIC today for free from the Windows Store and from the Windows Phone Store!

Microsoft Solitaire Collection:



Who doesn’t love playing Solitaire? Solitaire is a perennial favorite – in fact, it’s the most-played computer game of all time. The Microsoft Solitaire Collection delivers big-time, with five different versions of the game – Klondike, Spider, FreeCell and TriPeaks and Pyramid. And now you can start a game on one Windows 8 device and continue it on another or your Windows Phone. It’s ready for even the most dedicated Solitaire players. Download the Microsoft Solitaire Collection for free from the Windows Store and from the Windows Phone Store.

Glacier Blast:


Glacier Blast is an exciting turn-based puzzle game for you and your friends. Choose from a set of strategically organized ice breakers, then drag them over clusters of ice tiles. Smart moves = more points as you drop the ice breaker to destroy the tiles, but be sure you hit the ice, not the water, or you lose points. More than 100 puzzles means hours and hours of play, whether you’re challenging the computer directly or facing off in fun Feud matches with friends. And if you’re playing offline, you can sync your results to the leaderboard later. Download for free from the Windows Store.

Microsoft Bingo:


Bingo is another classic, and this travel-themed version offers a unique twist on the game you know. Earn prizes with every accomplishment, from calling a Bingo to winning a Power Card bet. And now you’ll enjoy Facebook integration, daily rewards and more, all with an updated user interface and fully reworked tutorial. There’s more Bingo than ever to love. Download Microsoft Bing for free from the Windows Store.

Throne Together:


And in Throne Together, your royal clients have big ideas for the new castle they want for their home, and it’s up to you to build their dream, block by block. It’s a thrill to see your castles grow – with doors, windows and gargoyles galore – but be careful with their specifications or you just might watch your creation tumble to the ground. This latest update includes a new user experience that puts you right into the fun, along with 3 new castle-building objectives and new Bonus Blocks that offer new ways to solve even the most challenging puzzles. Download Throne Together for free from the Windows Store.

Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures:


Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures is a great game especially if you have children. In the latest episode in Disney Fairies, “The Pixie Hollow Games,” you join Clank and Bobble as they bring you to the heart of the action in this year’s Flower Power-UP, Slug Slide, Mouse Polo, and the famous Pixie Cart Derby Games. Help your team compete in these exciting fairy events. Many talent guilds will enter, but only one team will be the champion. There are also 4 other episodes you and your child can enjoy together that can all be purchased individually or with the Season Pass. Download Disney Fairies from the Windows Store.

So get your game on with these awesome games from Microsoft Studios!