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April 17, 2014

Where’s My Water? XYY and Disney Solitaire now available in the Windows Store

It’s hard not to be a fan of Disney, especially their great games for kids of all ages. This week, there are two new games to play on your Windows devices – just in time to add to your Spring Break fun. Let’s take a look…

Where’s My Water? XYY (new):

First, jump in and join XYY, the popular Chinese TV cartoon star, in Disney’s latest physics-based game Where’s My Water? XYY. Get it now from the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.



Where’s My Water? XYY sends you on a medieval adventure in China, helping XYY rescue his friends from an ancient underground city. Use your puzzle-solving skills to divert water, fire, and oil to defeat the clumsy Big Bad Wolf and save XYY’s friends. There’s more than 80 levels of fun, and ancient Chinese collectibles to discover that unlock bonus puzzles. $.99 for Windows Phone; $4.99 for Windows.


Disney Solitaire (new, exclusive to Windows):

Next up, take a nostalgic time-out with Disney Solitaire, which combines the classic card game with favorite Disney characters and places. Download it now from the Windows Store.


Available exclusively on Windows devices, Disney Solitaire takes you on a journey through beautiful level maps based on Peter Pan and The Lion King as you play solitaire, unlocking animated power-ups along the way. The enchanted music from the movies completes the Disney immersion. “Solitaire” may sound solo, but with Disney Solitaire, it’s more fun to play with animated friends! $4.99 in the Windows Store

Disney Infinity: Toy Box (updated):

Want even more Disney? Then jump into the animated sandbox of Disney Infinity: Toy Box, just updated last week with new characters and capabilities. Get it now from the Windows Store.


Disney Infinity: Toy Box brings your favorite Disney characters to life in a world you create. Use Power Discs – available for purchase at retail stores or within the game itself – to add new characters and capabilities, or change the appearance of the world around you. The latest update includes new characters Phineas and Agent P from Disney Channel’s animated series Phineas and Ferb. And don’t miss out on seeing Toy Story star Buzz Lightyear as Glow in the Dark Buzz. Free to get started with in the Windows Store.