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April 17, 2014

You May Soon Get a Response to Your Windows Phone App Review

Microsoft recently announced that developers would soon be able to respond to user reviews of their apps and games. This new feature allows app developers to address common questions, troubleshoot issues, understand user requests for new app capabilities and overall help ensure that users get the best app experience.

This capability is not about allowing developer to question or debate your personal opinions. In fact, developers who misuse the ability to respond to app reviews will lose the privilege. Windows Phone users are encouraged to report any questionable developer response via the reporting link in the “details” section of the app’s description (shown at left below).

Windows Phone experience:


It is also important to note that developers are not receiving your personal contact information. Responses will be delivered to you via email from Microsoft. You may then choose to a) ignore the email b) respond to the developer c) update your review or d) opt out of all future app review responses. 

Windows Phone experience:


We will do a slow and methodical roll-out of this capability so you may not notice any changes right away as it will take us several months to on-board all developers.

As always, don’t be shy about writing honest and detailed app reviews. You just might catch the attention of the app’s developer.