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April 24, 2014

Find the best indie games—in our new collection available now!

Check out this curated collection of Windows and Windows Phone games from indie developers. These are all stellar adventures, puzzles, and thrilling escapes that, from all first indications, will grow up to be big and famous! Which ones look and sound best to you?

1. Dragon’s Blade II



Get thee to medieval times for lots of modern gaming twists. You’ll battle through a mysterious land full of monsters, dungeons, and hidden treasure in this Windows Phone exclusive! Play solo on your own or multi-player online where you can chat and engage in raids, team battles, and guild wars. Available now in the Windows Phone Store.

2. Zombie Tsunami!



Frantic flesh-eating fun for the whole family! Zombie Tsunami is a fun-packed thrill-ride of destruction, excitement and tasty brains! In most zombie matches, you’re running from the flesh-eaters, but now it’s time to chase down the living and add them to your growing hoard of the dashing undead—with 300+ different missions to devour.

Get started today in the Windows Store and on your Windows Phone.

3. Castle Raid 2



Are you prepared to do battle? Castle Raid is back; bigger and more challenging than before! Fight to protect your castle in this epic adventure among noble knights, sage wizards, dragons, and assassins. With gladiator and time challenges, you’ll be traveling across 20 new battlefields as you combat your new enemy, the Reavers. Available now for Windows Phone and in the Windows Store.

4. Harmony Isle



Escape to a dream island community that you build with your friends! Design beautiful villas and mansions for villagers. Commission museums, bars and theatres. Carefully balance the forces of nature, science, and society with the Harmony meter. Solve mysteries and harness the natural power of the island to discover the ultimate secret to living in perfect Harmony!

Download it now FREE for Windows Phone and in the Windows Store.

5. Pylon



Pylon piles on the fun while fusing lightning-fast combat with tactical gameplay. Adventure into mysterious lands, battle dangerous monsters, and collect heaps of epic loot in this story-driven, fantasy ARPG! Take up arms as reluctant mercenary Jane following questionable demands from an aged scholar bent on recovering a powerful artifact.

Download it now FREE for Windows Phone and for $4.99 in the Windows Store.

6. Bike Mania 2



Get a grip! Explore new levels, tricky terrain, and super-realistic ragdoll physics in the new BikeMania2 for Windows Phone and Windows tablets.  Zoom through more than 100 high-flying motocross levels across Aztec, Pyramid, and Industrial Zones on treacherous swinging bridges, across moving platforms, and around falling boulders.

Get going today in the Windows Store and on your Windows Phone.

7. Skelly Rider


Is that a T-Rex? It’s gaining on you and terrorizing the land! It’s up to you in this endless runner game to stay out of its way. Collect gold to unlock more powerful mounts as you try to keep from becoming the devastating dino’s dinner. Fly as far as possible, explore new lands, and constantly face new dangers—accompanied by fun new pets that were just added to the game. Try it for FREE now from the Windows Phone Store!

8. King’s Bounty: Legions



It’s vibrant. Competitive. Turn-based. Combat opponents in a vast universe full of wondrous creatures and wicked monsters through amazing, unique settings. What’s not to love?! In King’s Bounty, you become a knight, forge your own armor, and amass an invincible army. Join a clan or create your own, upgrade your troops, and learn new spells traveling through hundreds of unique quests. Try it now for FREE in the Windows Phone Store

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