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May 28, 2014

8 great new indie games for your Windows Phone

The month of May has brought the addition of several great, new indie games to the Windows Phone Store, including new puzzlers, runners, and adventure games. Below are some of the top new titles you don’t want to miss. As always, you can find the best new indie games in our Indie Game Spotlight Collection.

1. Cloud Raiders


Lots of strategies with only one goal—grab the other guy’s loot! Form clans and fight for global dominance across Floating Fortresses, Pirate Rafts, and more. Transform your island into an impregnable fortress of doom as you blast your enemies out of the skies. Get Cloud Raiders for Free in the Windows Phone Store.

2. Mini Motor Racing


Start your engines… With over 300 races to run, you’ve just found BIG fun, with LITTLE cars. Mini Motor Racing plays like a favorite remote-controlled car showdown, nitro-boosted with modern technology. Get Mini Motor Racing now for $.99 from the Windows Phone Store.

3. Color Sheep


You haven’t had this much fun mixing colors – well, probably ever! When hordes of vicious wolves try to steal the world’s color, it’s up to The Knight of Light and his color-changing flock of fleece to defend against the darkness. In this fast-paced arcade game, mix red, green, and blue light to incinerate the incoming beasts with laser blasts. Get Color Sheep now for $.99 from the Windows Phone Store.

4. Salvage


Created by the developers of Guitar Hero and DJ Hero, Salvage is a must-have flying game featuring dubstep music that helps you know when to swipe or tap. Avoid obstacles, collect items, and shoot down enemies to mad beats. Get Salvage for Free from the Windows Phone Store. Also available for Windows PCs and Tablets in the Windows Store.

5. Old School Racer 2


Old School Racer is back, twisting and turning and racing across 40 amazing new levels on motorbikes, quad bikes and buggies. Feel the gravity speed you up or down—and sometimes even upside down! Discover a new world that literally morphs to create extra paths, platforms, jumps, and drops. Get Old School Racer 2 for FREE from the Windows Phone Store.

6. Royal Revolt 2


Royal Revolt is back for with awesome 3D graphics, more battles and a lot more action! Defend your castle and trap your enemies in your deadly maze. Conquer the kingdoms of your foes as you overthrow the royals on your way to the top. But beware of your enemies, there is a revolt going on! Get Royal Revolt 2 for Free from the Windows Phone Store. Also available for Windows PCs and Tablets in the Windows Store.

7. Buzz Fly!


Smooth operations. Cool animations. And 72 levels of puzzles you must solve quickly. Help supply a fleet of small electric aircraft with the power to fly – can you do it? Get Buzz Fly! for Free from the Windows Phone Store.

8. Banana Island


Run, monkey, run! It’s time to run like heck and get those evil baboons that kidnapped the love of your life. Slide, dash, and jump over tons of obstacles in this crazy free running game. Reach your final destination – the Baboon Empire, where beautiful Lilly is imprisoned by the angry baboon king. Get Banana Island for Free from the Windows Phone Store.

Find all 8 of these great new indie games and more in the Indie Game Spotlight Collection.