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June 9, 2014

Windows themes to make your desktop foxy (for real)

We have a lot of wildlife photography on the Personalization Gallery, including themes and wallpapers featuring wolves, tigers, polar bears, mustangs, dolphins, tropical fish, birds of various kinds – including owls and other birds of prey – and a wide variety of other furry families. But I felt like something was missing. What could it be? Marmots? Moles? Muskrats? Manatees? No, none of those seemed quite right. Finally, after seeing this video (no, not this one!) I had the answer… foxes! Curating this set of images was a lot of fun, and I hope you’ll enjoy bringing the alert and playful spirit of these clever canids to your desktop with our new theme.


But if foxes aren’t your thing, no worries – the sky’s the limit! Float away over dramatic landscapes from Ohio to Anatolia in our new Hot Air Balloons theme, including this otherworldly scene above the Fairy Chimneys rock formation in Cappadocia, Turkey.


The skies also take center stage in our next new theme. Nature’s palette of vivid colors is on display in Community Showcase: Dramatic Skies 2, which includes images by 21 different photographers, including Amber Gordon, John Cocores, Lynne Waterhouse, and Raênio Cruz Gomes. The set begins with this blazing sunset captured by Paul Soares.


Vibrant natural color of another kind is celebrated in Community Showcase: Flora 2, which includes 21 botanical photographs from our community of contributors, including Muhammad Faridi, Tina Reeve, Marcel Wetzstein, and Jyotsna Datar. This ruby-red poppy portrait is by Jade Richards.


Our next new theme also explores the beauties of nature, but in a much more expansive way. Community Showcase: Natural Landscapes 2 includes dramatic scenery from around the world, including India, Tasmania, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Bolivia, Serbia, New Zealand, Norway, the US, the UK, and Brazil. The images in this set were taken by 20 different photographers, including Toni Cattel, Walid Mahfoudh, Chung Ooi Tan, and Dani Jordan. Yacen Sergej captured this shot of the Caucasus Mountains in Adygea, Russia.


Picturesque signs of human habitation mark the images in Community Showcase: Rural Landscapes 2, including farmland in Serbia, Ireland, and Poland; ruins in Peru, Cyprus, and England; villages in Canada and Morocco; and remote roadways in Belgium and the US. This set includes images from 19 different photographers, including Pam Williams, Aleksandar Saric, Hayley Eames, Ad de Cort, and Ian R D Johnson, who took this serene shot of a vineyard in South Australia.


The rest of our new themes celebrate specific locations. Zagreb Nights, photographer Tibor Rogulja’s first theme on the gallery, is a moonlit tour through Croatia’s beautiful capital city. I love the cobblestone streets and the contrast between Zagreb’s gorgeous classic architecture and its glittering modern buildings.


We also have a followup to Kazuo Nakadai’s first theme, Perspectives of Japan. The sequel includes dramatic shots of Akashi Kaikyō Bridge span, Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel, Rainbow Bridge Loop, and many other distinctive sights of Tokyo, Osaka, and the Nagano and Shizuoka Prefectures.


Lastly, we have a two-part love-letter to New York City, featuring a mixture of panoramic and standard proportion images by photographer Chad Weisser. The first set is in dramatic black and white and the second is in brilliant color.



We also publish new wallpapers on a regular basis, in case you have an older version of Windows that can’t use themes, or you prefer to use a single image (perhaps on your lock screen or Windows Phone). Here are a few of the newest ones:







I hope you’ll keep checking back on the Personalization Gallery for more new themes and wallpapers to keep all your Windows devices looking foxy and fine. (We may not know what the fox says, but we do know beautiful imagery for your desktop.)