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June 12, 2014

Angry Birds Epic now available for Windows Phone

Ok, I’ll admit it – I have a lot of fun playing the various Angry Birds games on my Windows Phone like Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, and classic Angry Birds. I even play Angry Birds on my Xbox One too. However today Angry Birds gets more epic with Angry Birds Epic – available free from the Windows Phone Store.


Angry Birds Epic is a new RPG adventure where you lead your feathery team into epic battles against those green snout-nosed piggies using whatever weapons you can get a hold off like a wooden sword, frying pan or stick thingy with a sponge on top. These epic battles take place in everything from tribal villages and frosty mountains to tropical beaches and mysterious caves all across a fantasy Piggy Island. You play as epic characters like Red, Chuck, Bomb and the other heroes and face off against King Pig, Wiz Pig, Prince Porky and other villains. And you can level up your characters, armor, weapons and potions in epic upgrades. There is epic humor in the game too! Download Angry Birds Epic today for some epic fun!