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June 17, 2014

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone gets big update today

With the Facebook Beta app for Windows Phone, you can help test out all of the latest improvements, enhancements, and new features before they go out to everyone else and rolled into the non-Beta Facebook app for Windows Phone. Today, the Facebook Beta app is getting quite the update.


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With today’s update, you will see a refined user experience, faster and more reliable connections, and support for additional languages. And you’ll also be able to upload videos taken on your Windows Phone device directly from the app too. If your device is running Windows Phone 8.1, the app directly “connects” with your Windows Phone device and your Facebook contacts, events, and photo albums are now powered by the application.

As is normal with Beta software, there might be a few bugs and your feedback is super important to squashing those bugs. So be sure to report any issues you hit here on the Facebook for Windows Phone feedback page on UserVoice. You can download the Facebook Beta app here from the Windows Phone Store.