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June 30, 2014

10 of the best new indie games for Windows Phone in June

Our growing community of independent developers continue to bring their best to Windows and Windows Phone each month. June is no exception, with almost too many great new titles to choose from. You can always find fresh finds in our Indie Game Spotlight Collection. Below are 10 of our favorites for June:

1. Tile Rider


This high-speed adventure combines puzzles, racing and battle elements as you explore the inner workings of your Windows Phone. Ever wonder what that might look like? You’ll have to be smart and keep a good grip on your gun, but most of all you’ll need to be very, very fast! Get Tile Rider for $1.99 in the Windows Phone Store.

2. Big Business Deluxe


Born businesspeople will love this next-generation economic strategy game which takes ordinary folks and lets them play tycoon. Start your own business, build a modern metropolis, and make millions in the process – but also discover the bumpy road to success, with lots of challenges along the way. Watch your dreams come to life as you keep your enterprises growing and under control. Get Big Business Deluxe for Free in the Windows Phone Store.

3. Lost Echo


It’s not too far in the future, and Greg’s girlfriend, Chloe, has just disappeared right before his eyes. That’s the spooky start to this eerily rich game combining sci-fi, mystery and adventure. As Greg embarks on his search, no one remembers him, and the story-driven gaming turns to puzzles, mini-games and encounters with a range of characters for Greg to conclude his quest. Realistic graphics, an exclusive soundtrack and two modes of play let just about anyone get in on the fun. Get Lost Echo for $2.99 in the Windows Phone Store.

4. Snuggle Truck


This over-the-top, physics-based driving game keeps you on your toes as you make sure that your precious cargo never bounces up and away. Your pick-up truck, filled with animals on their way to the zoo, blasts through hills, caverns, deserts and forests – and all the while, the animals are bumping, sliding, jostling and holding on for dear life. And you’ll be tilting the truck like mad to be sure nothing goes astray! Get Snuggle Truck for $1.99 in the Windows Phone Store.

5. Ballance Resurrection


An errant ball is the fun focus of this arcade/puzzler. Based on the popular ‘80s game Marble Madness, the ante is upped here with new opportunities to plunge your ball through exciting, memorable worlds and harrowing routes. Ball + Balance is the key to the name and to the game, and if you can guide your ball through the progressively difficult levels you’ll enjoy the fun of physics and the satisfaction of a job well done. Get Ballance Resurrection for Free in the Windows Phone Store.

6. Sky Blaze


Swipe your Windows Phone screen like never before, as you zip and zag through this fast-paced arcade game to create rockets and stunning fireworks explosions across the sky. It’s a combination of stunning beauty and quick wits. And because you’re competing for the highest score, either locally or online, you’ll want to be sure your Sky Blaze show is one to remember! Get Sky Blaze for Free in the Windows Phone Store.

7. GunFinger


You’ll need an arsenal of weapons to keep a step or two ahead of the undead hordes hot on your trail in this hillbilly twist on a zombie shoot-‘em-up. With everything from shotguns to sniper rifles, you’ll take down undead monsters, rescue civilians and work your way through increasingly challenging skill missions. Awesome 3D graphics and cutting-edge special effects make this the most fun you can have at a zombie hoedown! Get GunFinger for Free in the Windows Phone Store. Also available in the Windows Store.

8. OverVolt: Crazy Slot Cars


These little slot cars are big fun on your Windows Phone. Customize your miniature car, then get it going, but be careful, because they really move – be sure yours never flies off the track! With six fantastic scenarios, forty cool test tracks and two different play modes, you’ll never repeat an outing and you might never think about driving the same way again. Get OverVolt: Crazy Slot Cars for Free in the Windows Phone Store.

9. Super Tap Ultra


Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. This is the fun, addictive game where tapping buttons is the only skill you need. Well, that and a keen competitive spirit to get the highest score, which happens when you’ve lit everything on fire in ultra mode. Think you can do it? The stylish, retro look, awesome effects and upbeat music will have you tapping like never before! Get Super Tap Ultra for Free in the Windows Phone Store. Also available in the Windows Store for $.99.

10. Battle Droids


These droids are cute, but they’re cunning, too. Customize yours, then enter the arena against up to four players from around the globe. The cartoon-looking bombs you’ll lob against these opponents are the keys to your victory over them, and you’ll collect different powers to gain advantage. But watch out for surprises like the deadly curses that can get you into trouble fast. For real-time, multiplayer excitement this summer, this is it! Get Battle Droids for Free in the Windows Phone Store. Also available Free in the Windows Store.

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