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August 13, 2014

Swarm now available for Windows Phone

In 2009, Foursquare launched aiming to help people do two things: to help people keep up and meet up with their friends and to discover great places. Over time, Foursquare realized that when people opened their app, they were almost always doing just one of those things. So in May, Foursquare announced that they will unbundle these two experiences into two separate apps – the Foursquare app and a new app called Swarm. Swarm is a dedicated check-in app that is specifically designed to be the fastest way to keep up and meet up with your friends. And today, Swarm is now available for Windows Phone devices.


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Having been able to try out Swarm myself over the last few weeks on my Windows Phone device, I think there are a couple of things people will enjoy about it. First off – right when you open the Swarm app you can see all your friends nearby. I love this. And this makes it really easy to find friends to meet up with. Second – checking it is easier and faster than ever. When you check-in, you can tag and check in your friends. And third – it is also really easy to message your nearby friends and see if they want to hang out later.

To sum it up, Swarm is awesome for checking in and letting your friends know what you’re up to but also awesome for seeing who is out nearby and who might want to hang out later.

Download Swarm today from the Windows Phone Store!

Oh and a updated Foursquare app will be available in the coming months for Windows and Windows Phone that will deliver an enhanced discovery experience for everyone to enjoy!