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September 24, 2014

New Update for Windows Phone Preview for Developers

For those of you participating in our Windows Phone Preview for Developers, we’ve got some good news as today we’ll begin delivery of an update that will make more new software available to more of you.

Build 8.10.14176 starts rolling today to developer preview participants, and provides a bunch of performance improvements and general fixes. One of the important fixes addresses an issue some folks were seeing during the update process – the 80188308 error – which resulted from running out of storage space in the system partition during update. We expect this fix to solve the update issue for most users.

If you have a Nokia Lumia device and are still running into this error with the latest update, you can use the Nokia Software Recovery tool to reset your device.

Or, if you are on a phone with lower storage capacity you may also see an out of storage error that is different than the one above. Please follow the Make room on my phone to update it article.

We’re also pleased to announce that HTC devices (The HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S) will now be able to get the Windows Phone 8.1 Update with this new update.

Finally, we know that many of you Lumia users on Developer Preview have been patiently waiting for the Lumia Cyan update. We started delivering the Cyan update to a few Lumia devices a few weeks ago, and are targeting a whole lot more starting today. We’ll continue to add more Lumia devices every couple of days over the coming weeks until we bring everyone up to the latest.