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September 26, 2014

Announcing the return of WinHEC

Every day, Windows hardware partners develop and ship to customers a broad set of innovative devices, ranging from personal mobile electronics like smartphones and tablets, to peripherals and component parts, to laptops, desktops, servers and embedded systems for a wide range of industries. Driving continuous innovation requires deep integration and partnership across our ecosystem. With this in mind, I am pleased to announce we are re-launching WinHEC.

The industry has changed quite a bit since we last held a WinHEC event, with innovation happening at a much quicker pace and across more geographically diverse locations. Because of that, we are evolving WinHEC to be more than a single annual conference. Looking ahead, WinHEC will consist of technical conferences and smaller, more frequent, topic focused workshops that are local to the hardware ecosystem hubs. Also, we have made an important change to what the acronym stands for: Windows Hardware Engineering Community. WinHEC will bring the hardware engineering community together in one place, providing a unique opportunity to interact with technical and business experts from Microsoft, other partners, and customers, facilitating exchange of ideas, best practices, and opportunities.

WinHEC will stay true to its strong technical roots. The agenda will be packed with executive keynotes, deep technical training sessions, hands-on labs, and opportunities for Q&A on topics across the spectrum of Windows-based hardware. For executives, engineering managers, engineers and technical product managers at OEMs, ODMs, IHVs, and IDHs who are working with or want to work with Windows technologies – WinHEC is just for you!

The first WinHEC technical conference will be held in Shenzhen, China on March 18th and 19th. We are excited to be re-launching WinHEC in Shenzhen. The Shenzhen ecosystem consists of a diverse community of hardware companies covering electrical design, software engineering, integration, manufacturing, and all other aspects of the computing-device supply chain.

This is an exciting moment for all of us who work closely with our hardware partner community. I first attended WinHEC as an IHV in 1993 and kept coming back each year it was offered, so it gives me great pride to bring back such an impactful tradition. Based on early feedback from partners we have met, the anticipation and expectations from WinHEC are high. Interested partners can visit the WinHEC website here to sign up to be informed about additional details as they become available over the coming months. We will also be sharing details about WinHEC Taiwan very soon.

So head over to the website, sign up for more information, and I look forward to welcoming you to an upcoming WinHEC event.