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September 29, 2014

Bing apps get updated, now branded MSN

The Bing apps have been providing people with a set of really awesome immersive vertical experiences around Weather, News, Sports, Finance, Travel, Health & Fitness, and Food & Drink on devices running Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. They are some of my favorite apps and highly recommended. With today’s updates, these apps will now have one unified and consistent Azure-powered experience across all these devices to MSN in the cloud. These apps will now be branded to reflect their alignment to the MSN premium experience for content as well as personal productivity features. Bing will continue to provide search and intelligent experiences such as powering Cortana. All the apps will retain their existing names except for Bing Finance which will now be MSN Money.



As part of today’s updates, the Health & Fitness and Weather apps now make it easy to access information from these apps right on the Lock screen of your Windows Phone. Now at quick glance, you will be able to see the latest weather from the Weather app right on your Lock screen. And if you have a Nokia Lumia 1520, 635, or 630 smartphone, you will now be able to keep track of steps taken via the pedometer and GPS tracker in the Health & Fitness app also right on your Lock screen. You don’t need to unlock your phone and launch the individual apps!

Read about these app updates as well as the new MSN launch happening today here in this blog post.