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November 6, 2014

Fitbit for Windows 8.1 gets a big update

Do you have a Fitbit tracker like the Fitbit Flex? You’re going to want to check out the updated Fitbit app for Windows 8.1 – now available in the Windows Store. If you already had the app installed, you should receive an update. Fitbit as completely redesigned their app to be a universal Windows app and shares the same code as Fitbit’s awesome Windows Phone app – but tailored specifically for a tablet experience.



The new UI gives you quick access to daily and historical graphs of your steps, calorie burn and floor climbing patterns as well as weight, body fat and BMI trends and visualization of your sleep patterns. The app makes it super easy to track your progress against your daily and longer term fitness goals you’ve set for yourself in Fibit. You can also see how you measure up against your friends and their activity. The app now gives you the ability to log your activities such as food, weight, and sleep. You can also issue challenges to your friends to get things motivated. And finally – the app will sync with your Fitbit tracker via the wireless sync USB dongle that comes with your Fitbit tracker with an improved setup flow.

If you don’t have the Fitbit app installed on your Windows PC or Tablet, download it here.

And just a small reminder that starting tomorrow, the Lumia 830 will be available at AT&T (it’s an awesome smartphone!) and with it a special limited time promotion where you get a free Fitbit Flex!