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December 16, 2014

Flipboard for Windows Phone now supports low-memory devices

Flipboard is rolling out an update for their Windows Phone app that adds support for low-memory devices – devices with only 512MB of memory like the Lumia 635 or BLU Win Jr. This update also brings along general UI fit-and-finish (especially around Notifications and Accounts on Flipboard), bug fixes, and performance improvements. Flipboard is one of my favorite apps for Windows Phone.



You can think of Flipboard as your personalized magazine. You “subscribe” to all kinds of different sources of curated content including your favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter all into one place on Flipboard. You then swipe through all the news, articles, and updates just like you would a magazine – but on your device. I highly recommend you check it out. You can also subscribe to my Flipboard magazine called Nerd Things where I share all kinds of nerdy things I find of interest.

You can read more about Flipboard for Windows Phone by checking out my blog post here.

If you don’t have Flipboard for Windows Phone installed, grab it here for free from the Windows Phone Store!

Flipboard is also available for Windows PCs and tablets from the Windows Store too.