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January 5, 2015

Lenovo Adds to CES excitement with new Windows tablets, 2 in 1s, notebooks and AIOs

Adding to the excitement from yesterday, Lenovo made some more new announcements about their YOGA and FLEX lines and introduced the new LaVie Z Ultraportables today. All of these announcements highlight the innovation and customer focus coming out of Lenovo. You can work, play, game, watch and so much more with this new class of Lenovo offerings.

Let’s begin with the YOGA 3. Lenovo understands that one screen size doesn’t fit all customer so they are offering an 11 inch and brand new 14 inch version so that you can find the one that best fits your needs. What is really cool about the 14 inch model is that it fits into a 13 inch chassis so that you get the big screen and little bezel. Because these devices are part of the YOGA family, you are guaranteed the 360 degree flexibility and multiple modes of use that this family offers.

Lenovo YOGA 3 (14'')_Orange_02

 Lenovo YOGA 3 (14'')_Silver_01

The new YOGA convertibles are powered by the Windows 8.1 so you can watch movies, Skype with friends and family, play awesome games and so much more. If power is what you need than you can even get up to an Intel Core i7 processor on the 14 inch model. And that’s not it, Lenovo is offering four colors for the YOGA 3! You can choose from Clementine Orange, Platinum Sliver, Chalk White or Ebony Black.

Let’s keep within the Lenovo YOGA family and now talk about the 8 inch YOGA Tablet 2. This tablet offers the signature 4 modes (hold, tilt, stand and hang) so that you can surf, read, write or game any way that works for you.

Lenovo Tablet 2 8 inch

The YOGA Tablet 2 really comes to life with Lenovo AnyPen Technology. You can now use any pen or pencil to write directly on the tablets screen. Finally a new use for all those pens and pencils that you have stuffed away in your junk drawer!

ThinkPad Yoga 15_Hero_02

And to round out the YOGA family, let’s move to the ThinkPad YOGA for all you business men and women out there. Available in 12, 14, and 15 inch screen sizes, Lenovo has made two improvements to the previous generation. First, select models will now feature an optional ActivePen for taking notes by hand, and second there is now an optional 3D camera on the ThinkPad YOGA 15. You can use the 3D camera to improve video conferencing and scanning small items for 3D printing—pretty cool if you ask me!

FLEX 3 (14'')_Red_04


Lenovo also announced some significant changes to their FLEX family. The FLEX 3 (available in 11, 14, 15 inch sizes) now sports a 360 degree hinge so that you can work or play in four different modes. The 14 and 15 inch models are powered by Windows and up to the 5th generation Intel Core i7 processor.


And last but not least, the LaVie Z Ultraportables brought to you by Lenovo and NEC Personal Computers. There are two flavors in this line–the LaVie Z HZ550 and the LaVie Z HZ750. The HZ550 is an amazing 13 inch notebook that only weighs 1.72 pounds making it easy to pack away in a bag. The HZ750 is a convertible that can be used in notebook or tablet mode. Both models are only 16.9 mm thin and feature beautiful displays.

Clearly Lenovo has been firing on all cylinders! There are so many new and exciting products coming from them in the near future. The YOGA 3 11 and 14 inch will be available at Best Buy and in March starting at $799 and $979 respectively. The 8 inch YOGA Tablet 2 will be available this month starting at $299 at both Best Buy and While the ThinkPad YOGA 12 and 15 inch will be available at the beginning of February for $999 and $1,199 respectively from business partners and, and the 14 inch will be available in late May starting at $1,199 at Best Buy and The Lenovo LaVie Z HZ550 and HZ750 will be available in May starting at $1,299 and $1,499 respectively at