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February 26, 2015

Update for OneDrive app for Windows Phone brings a few new features

The OneDrive app for Windows Phone received a cool new update today. Now you can sign in to OneDrive on your Windows Phone with additional Microsoft accounts, protect OneDrive access with a PIN code, and create and view albums.

Multiple User Accounts for OneDrive on Windows Phone

Sign into OneDrive with additional Microsoft accounts.

OneDrive PIN setup for Windows Phone

Adding a PIN code helps prevent other people who use your device from accidentally accessing, changing, or deleting your files. You can set that up from the Settings page inside the app.

Albums for OneDrive on Windows Phone

The Albums update is exciting because it used to be a web-only feature and now you can create, view and share them from the app. Albums aren’t like traditional folders.  You can create an album using pictures and videos from anywhere in your OneDrive.  And, when you or people who share them with view them, it’s a much better experience: your photos stand front and center, thumbnails are larger, photos are edge-to-edge, and everything is arranged together into a beautiful collage.

If you haven’t given OneDrive a try yet, we encourage you to do so.  Get up to 30 GB for free when you sign up and automatically upload your photos from your phone.