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June 26, 2015

Summer arrives with awesome new updates to some of our favorite apps and games

We’re here to keep you current on the latest updates to your favorite apps and games. This week we have a great list of the fun apps and top games, like Shazam and Monument Valley that have been updated just in time for the weekend! A group of Gameloft titles also got some updates, several of which now feature Xbox Live integration – so you can start earning Xbox achievements and move up the leaderboards. Below is a list of the apps and games with cool updates you won’t want to miss:

Shazam – Windows Phone

Shazam 1

  Shazam 2

This favorite music app keeps getting better on Windows Phone. With the latest update, browse the new News Feed that keeps you updated on the latest news about top artists – curated by the Shazam Editorial Team. Create an account and share what you’ve listened to using your Facebook login. And you can now back up your entire Shazam history on the website.

Monument Valley – Windows Phone

monument valley 1

  monument valley 2

For fans of the beautiful and the surreal, Monument Valley offers a stunning, intriguing gameplay experience. Your mission is to guide the serene, silent Princess Ida through a land of mysterious monuments and fantastical architecture you manipulate. And now, update the game to play Ida’s Dream, the longest chapter ever created for Monument Valley.

WhatsApp – Windows Phone

whats app 1

  whats app 2

Top messaging app WhatsApp received a much-anticipated update this week, adding WhatsApp Calling for Windows Phone 8.1! Now you can call your friends and family using WhatsApp for free (data charges may apply), even if they are in another country. You can also now send audio files to your friends and contacts within the app.

Asphalt 8 – Windows, Windows Phone

asphalt 8

In this intense driving experience, master the island of Tenerife, from its tropical beaches to its breathtaking mountains and untamed wilderness. Four challenging new tracks, eight new cars, thrilling time-limited events and exclusive decals make Asphalt 8 even faster and more exciting. Now with Xbox Live achievements.

Despicable Me – Windows, Windows Phone

despicable me image

New levels, minions and mini-games come to this game of jumping, flying and dodging. And if you’re mischievous enough, you just might capture the title “Minion of the Year”! Now with Xbox Live achievements and more.

Dragon Mania Legends – Windows, Windows Phone

dragon mania legends

Give life to your dragons and prepare them for legendary battles in a game that starts with you raising fire-breathers from birth to warrior status. Newly updated with more habitats, 12 different leagues, 7 unique dragons to win, a new player island and multi-wave combat, Dragon Mania Legends gives you thrills every time you play. Now with Xbox Live achievements.

Dungeon Hunter 5 – Windows, Windows Phone

dragon hunter

Now there’s even greater excitement and intensity in this legendary series. Bounty Hunters, prepare for new battles in the treacherous Far East Xinkashi lands. Fight in daily events in a Stronghold room designed by the wicked Xinkashi builders, and get five more Stronghold rooms to build up with five vicious new traps. Now with Xbox Live achievements.

Ice Age Adventures – Windows, Windows Phone

ice age

So many new experiences await you in the world of Scrat and friends. Restore Mount Scratmore to unlock a new volcanic village, spice up your town with steamy habitats and decorations, and continue the adventure with two new archipelagos and fan-requested animals just waiting to be rescued.

Plague Inc. – WindowsWindows Phone

plague inc 1

You have a new virus at your disposal in your quest to infect the planet. The mind-controlling Neurax Worm burrows deep in to the brains of its hosts, then takes over their thoughts and actions. And it’s in your arsenal as you send pathogens into the world.

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