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September 16, 2015

Get Quick Results with Microsoft Edge and Cortana

We hope you are as excited as we are that Cortana*, your personal digital assistant, is now available on Windows 10. What’s more, Cortana also works in Microsoft Edge. Together they make a powerful duo helping you get things done faster on the web. It’s easy to take advantage of Cortana’s benefits from within Microsoft Edge. Just turn on Cortana from the Windows taskbar to be signed into Cortana on Microsoft Edge and let Cortana can help you seamlessly in various situations from within the browser.

Let’s Ask Cortana

When browsing the web, have you caught yourself opening another tab or Window to search for definitions or references? With Cortana in Microsoft Edge, you can now look up a word or phrase without leaving the web page you are on. The next time you’re browsing and you come across something that you want to learn more about, just highlight the word and right click to select Ask Cortana. A pane opens to the right of your Window with relevant details. Cortana will intelligently display results in the context of the article or page. You can look up any word you would otherwise using a dictionary, and also places, phenomenon, people, show times, sports scores and much more. You can even track packages using the confirmation code. Ask Cortana could be your very own handy fact finder!

Try this: Visit one of your favorite websites. Highlight and right click a word on the page to look it up using Ask Cortana.


Cortana is here to assist

Here’s another scenario where you’ll see Cortana appear to help you in Microsoft Edge. If you are browsing restaurant sites, you’ll find an alert in the address bar when Cortana has more details on the restaurant. Click on the alert and a right pane opens in the same Window with additional information related to the restaurant. For exclusive restaurants, Cortana will show details like hours, directions, menu, reviews and even instant access to reservation options. For chain restaurants, Cortana will list other available locations with easy access to directions and contact. For now, this functionality only works in the US.

Try this: Go to and click on the Cortana icon in the address bar to see what Cortana has for you on this restaurant.


Something new

Today, we released a pilot feature which aspires to help you save time and money when shopping online using Microsoft Edge. This new feature leverages Cortana’s functionality to notify you of the best coupons Cortana can find for a retailer without you ever needing to leave the retailer’s site.  We are just beginning to roll this out to get feedback. This initial release includes coupons for retailers like Staples, Macy’s and Best Buy.  We will be increasing availability and the number of retailers we support in the months ahead through our partnership with Shopular, a leading coupon provider.

The feature works similar to Cortana for restaurants we mentioned above. When you visit the site of a supported retailer, Cortana will alert you that there are coupons available for additional discounts. Once you click on the Cortana icon, these offers will be displayed in the right pane within the same window.

Try this: Go to and click on the Cortana icon in the address bar to see what coupons Cortana has for you.


*Screens simulated for demonstration purposes only.

Last but not least

Cortana is your ultimate companion when browsing the web. We would love to hear how Cortana helps you in Microsoft Edge. Feel free to give us feedback on how we can better your experience. As of now, Cortana is only available in a few markets, but we’re working hard to expand availability. We’re always listening and will continue to make improvements.

You can give us feedback in several ways:

*Cortana available in select markets at launch; experience may vary by region and device.