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October 12, 2015

Toshiba introduces a Unique Windows 10 Tablet, the dynaPad

Today in Japan, Toshiba announced their highly-anticipated dynaPad, a unique Windows 10 tablet that reinvents pen and paper. Terry Myerson joined Toshiba at their event, you can read more from him here.

Microsoft and Toshiba have a strong history of partnership, dating back to the first Toshiba PC 30 years ago. This ongoing engineering partnership and collaboration has resulted in unique and first-to-market innovations, compelling new form factors and competitive devices across the globe.

Windows 10 is our best Windows ever, and we’ve worked with Toshiba in a number of ways to truly differentiate the Toshiba and Windows 10 experience and light up key Windows 10 features in Toshiba’s line of PCs. Toshiba was one of the first PC manufacturers to have Windows Hello face recognition on a consumer PC with the introduction of the Satellite Radius 12, and the dual array mics in many of Toshiba’s devices make for superior Cortana voice performance.

Toshiba is hosting an exciting special offer where you can get $100 off all Toshiba 4k laptops beginning now until 11:59 PST on October 17, 2015. This offer is valid for the US market only.

Toshiba dynaPad Tablet
The dynaPad is a great digital notebook, specially designed to encourage your creativity, and also enhance productivity. To that end, the dynaPad features an ultra-thin keyboard dock and a high-precision pen. It’s designed to replicate the natural feeling of writing with a pen on paper – even mirroring a common-size notebook, for a very natural and fluid handwriting experience. The dynaPad employs metal mesh sensor technology, combined with a high-performance, high-precision Wacom Active Electrostatics (ES) TruPen with 2,048 levels of pressure. In other words: It makes for superior accuracy, allowing you to maintain your natural writing style as you take notes or draw doodles. It’s the perfect companion for taking notes or using our WebNote technology in Edge.

The dynaPad also includes updated versions of Toshiba’s exclusive suite of original business applications that enable users to easily collect, organize and share notes, images and files, including TruNote, TruCapture and TruRecorder, plus new TruNote Clip and TruNote Share apps for capturing screen clips and sharing handwriting in real time. The suite integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office for convenient editing and collaboration. Oh, and dynaPad is perfectly suited for both right- and left-handed users – apps like TruNote can adapt to either, allowing you to maintain a normal writing style no matter which hand you prefer.

And of course, it all looks beautiful as well. The dynaPad features a sharp, 12-inch diagonal WUXGA+ (1920×1280) IPS display, with wide viewing angles for maximum comfort. The display also packs in a dual-layer anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint coating, which helps to maintain the screen’s sensitivity in bright environments (and lets you clean those fingerprints off quickly and easily!).

The dynaPad is an incredible achievement in 2-in-1s. With its support for Continuum, ultra-thin and lightweight design, and advanced note-taking technology, it is an impressive mobile device. Toshiba’s dynaPad will be available in the U.S. and Europe in the first quarter of 2016 and is available for pre-order starting today in Japan. If you’re looking for a slim, convenient, good-looking tablet, this is it.

Satellite Radius 12

This morning Toshiba announced the availability of the Satellite Radius 12, a 12.5-inch convertible laptop with a 4K Ultra HD display. The Satellite Radius 12 features top-of-the-line screen and sound quality, a sleek, lightweight design and a 6th generation Intel Core processor that delivers maximum mobile performance and solid battery life.

Toshiba Satelitte Radius 12

The Satellite Radius 12 is one of the first PC’s to enable facial authentication with Windows Hello. Powered by an on-board infrared camera that provides a personal, convenient and password-free way to instantaneously log into the device and quickly get to work or play.

The Satellite Radius 12 also accelerates the new features and capabilities of Windows 10. For voice apps like Cortana and Skype, the Satellite Radius 12 features multi-directional TruTalk microphones, which offer clear voice detection, even in noisy environments and a dedicated Cortana key.

The Satellite Radius 12 is available for purchase starting on October 18, 2015 from Best Buy, and Microsoft Stores, as well as direct from Toshiba on for $1,299.99 MSRP for the 4K Ultra HD Edition and $999.99 MSRP for the Standard HD model.