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November 26, 2015

Day 7 of 10 Days of 10 Cent Deals in the Windows Store

Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrate today with some favorite Movies, Music, Apps and Games in our latest round of 10 cent deals in our 10 Days of 10 cent Deals in the Windows Store on Windows 10*.


The Weeknd Trilogy album art

The Weeknd Trilogy
Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, released three free mixtapes, aka albums, in 2011. Trilogy compiles them with remastered sound and adds three new songs. Buy the album for 10 cents today.

Drake Nothing Was The Same for Windows 10

Drake Nothing Was The Same
Nothing Was The Same is Drake’s third album with steps in a new direction. Buy the album for 10 cents today.

Jeff Buckley Grace album art

Jeff Buckley Grace
This classic from 1994 is a mix of indie alternative songs from Jeff Buckley. Buy the album for 10 cents today.


San Andreas movie art

San Andreas
This is the bigger-than-big one that California has been dreading for decades. After a massive, magnitude-9 earthquake along the San Andreas Fault, a rescue helicopter pilot (Dwayne Johnson) and his wife head to San Francisco to save their daughter. Rent San Andreas for 10 cents today.

Pixels movie poster

Aliens have misinterpreted video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, and now they’re responding with an attack on Earth modeled after PAC-MAN, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Centipede and Space Invaders. What’s a US president (Kevin James) to do but call his childhood buddy and ace gamer Sam (Adam Sandler) to lead a team to save the planet? Rent Pixels for 10 cents today.

Saving Private Ryan movie poster

Saving Private Ryan
Based on a dramatic story from World War II, US soldiers try to save comrade and paratrooper Private Ryan, who’s stationed behind enemy lines, in a powerful and realistic adventure starring Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Vin Diesel and Giovanni Ribisi. Rent Saving Private Ryan for 10 cents today.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary for Windows 10

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Merriam-Webster is one of America’s most useful and respected dictionaries, and this app includes all the definitions from its College Dictionary, along with an integrated thesaurus, examples sentences, a Word of the Day, and more. Buy Merriam-Webster Dictionary for 10 cents today.


Bloons TD5 for Windows 10

Bloons TD5
The little monkey battling against all odds in this goofy game definitely has his hands full, and he’s got even more towers and weapons on his side this time around. As the colored balloons – or “bloons” – continue their relentless assault along a twisty, curvy track, you guide him as he explodes them into oblivion. And in glorious HD, no less! Buy Bloons TD5 for 10 cents today.

Rabbids Big Bang for Windows 10

Rabbids Big Bang
Send these floppy-eared friends into outer space with just the flick of your finger in this physics-based adventure. Control their trajectory via a jetpack and pay close attention to planetary gravity. But play tactically! Planets get in the way unless you’re careful, and your fuel drains when you boost. Buy Rabbids Big Bang for 10 cents today.

Solitaire Mystery: Four Seasons for Windows 10
Solitaire Mystery: Four Seasons
The favorite, familiar card game turns into a mysterious, thrilling adventure. Nature has cursed the City of Magic Cards, and each suit – clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts – is now stuck in an endless cycle of snow, heat, rain or chill. Pair up cards in cool new formats, then find hidden objects in hopes of restarting the Magic City clock. Buy Solitaire Mystery: Four Seasons for 10 cents today.

To see all of the 10 cent deals happening today, visit the Windows Store.

*Available from November 20 through November 29, 2015 on Windows 10 devices only. Valid in the 50 US states & DC only. Limited availability; offers may change at any time.