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December 10, 2015

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Remind Us All What It Means to Do Great Things

Earlier this fall, something beautiful began, somewhat by accident. Our team at Microsoft connected with Seattle rappers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and in one conversation, we were all immediately inspired.

Fans of their music know they have a social conscience, but they had taken it to a new level. Their philanthropic goals and aspirations were in the same spirit as the #UpgradeYourWorld initiative we’d kicked off earlier this year as part of the launch of Windows 10.

One particular project that caught our attention was a Hip Hop residency program in partnership with the Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum in Seattle and the Arts Corps. The program is in its first year and designed to provide mentorship and inspiration to local teens aspiring to become hip hop artists.

When we spoke, we agreed that one of the most critical elements to a modern hip hop artist’s success is having the right technology. Yet, many of the students, eager to learn, were struggling to try to make music on outdated devices or on their phones – whatever they had access to.

With the right device, we knew these young artists could fast track their dreams – learn to layer beats, write lyrics, communicate with other artists and find inspiration in others online.

So we set up a little surprise to help these budding artists on their journey to #DoGreatThings. Check it out!

Happy Holidays!