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Windows Store Weekly: 5 new titles to check out this weekend

Written By published February 12, 2016

The Windows Store is full of new things to check out this weekend, from an entire Valentine’s Day collection to help you plan the perfect romantic day, to music apps and playlists to prepare you for the Grammys on Monday.


Valentine’s Day Collections

Valentine's Day Collection Windows Store

With Valentine’s Day coming this weekend, the Windows Store has got you covered with apps, movies, music, and gift ideas to celebrate the holiday. Our Happy Valentine’s Day collection features apps like OpenTable to help you plan a candlelit dinner, 1-800-Flowers so you can send flowers to your special someone, and even some romantically-themed games. There’s also a collection of 30 romantic movies to watch with your Valentine and a special Groove playlist, Music for Lovers, featuring 30 songs to relax, inspire, and uplift. And if you need a last minute gift idea, you can purchase and send digital gift cards for Xbox and Windows to your Valentine’s email.

Apps to Prepare for The 58th Annual Grammy Awards

CBS app in the Windows Store

This weekend, get ready to watch the 58th annual Grammy Awards with great apps and content in the Windows Store. The Groove Music app is featuring a Grammys playlist with music from all the nominees and there is also a nominees album collection in the Windows Store, which will be updated on Tuesday morning to feature the winning artists. iHeartRadio is featuring a station dedicated to the Grammys, and they’ll set up a special station featuring music from the winners the day after the awards. Finally, stream the event live on Monday to your Windows devices with the CBS All Access Win 10 app.

DailyMail Online and The Guardian — both free

Daily Mail Online app Windows Store
Daily Mail Online

Get the latest U.S. and world news from the British perspective with the Daily Mail Online and The Guardian apps, two British journalism powerhouses now available on all your Windows 10 devices. With Cortana integration, you can browse the news with commands like, “Guardian, show me the business news.” Download Daily Mail Online and The Guardian for free today.

The Guardian app Windows Store
The Guardian


Plague Inc. featuring the Simian Flu Expansion Pack — $0.99

Plague Inc Simian Flu Windows Store

Plague Inc. is spreading a new kind of terror with the Simian Flu Expansion Pack. Tied into the action from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the Simian Flu update challenges you to handle a global pandemic in the midst of a growing nation of intelligent, genetically evolved apes. Click here to download the Plague Inc. Simian Flu Expansion Pack.


The Peanuts Movie — buy the movie for $14.99

The Peanuts Movie (Bonus Version) Windows Store

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the lovable Peanuts gang are back in an all-new animated adventure the whole family will love. Click here to watch The Peanuts Movie, now available in the Movies & TV section of the Windows Store.