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Get creative and share photos in 5 easy steps with PicsArt

Written By published April 5, 2016

PicsArt is a photo editor, collage and drawing app that has everything you need to share your creative identity with the world. It’s a new kind of mobile creativity app that offers thousands of editing tools connected to a global community where you can share, learn and collaborate.

PicsArt is available on Windows 10 and starting this week through April 15th, we’re running a Windows-exclusive 50% discount on Sticker packages including Peanuts characters, ASPCA Pets, several new fonts like Arcade and Newspaper,, a fun collection of collage frames and more.

PicsArt for Windows 10

We worked closely with Microsoft to design PicsArt specifically for the Universal Windows Platform. That means PicsArt works on all Windows devices whether it’s a tablet, phone or PC. We also integrated Windows Wallet for in-app purchases and even threw in some fun creative tools like extra filters and blending modes exclusively for Windows customers.

PicsArt for Windows 10
The PicsArt home screen on Surface

As a Product Marketer here at PicsArt, I spend a lot of time playing with our app. If you have a moment, I’d love to walk you through some of the basics and perhaps share a pro tip or two that’ll make your images stand out from the crowd. Let’s start with a quick review of the home screen on Surface and the main features.

On the home screen above you can see PicsArt opens with a stream of inspiring content refreshed every day, accompanied by the main editing tools: Effects, Collage and Draw. As you scroll right, a stream of colorful images from the PicsArt community come alive. And it’s here where you can find your inspirations and connect with other people.

OK, now let’s get into the app to edit and share a photo.

1. Finding and editing photos with PicsArt

Let’s get started by searching our vast collection of #FreeToEdit images (this hashtag makes images freely available to the community to edit and is a feature unique to the PicsArt community). Scrolling through the results, I found this photo of a foggy forest I thought was inspiring and a good starting point for our creative adventure.

PicsArt for Windows 10

Above is the main editing screen with all your editing tools, easily accessible across the bottom. At last count, PicsArt has more creative tools than any other app we know of — offering you the editing power that you might normally expect from a heavy-duty desktop application.

2. Applying Masks to enhance photos

Next, let’s apply a Mask (a.k.a “filter) — we’ve got more than 120 to choose from. Whether it’s a vintage-style light leak, a grungy texture or a sprinkling of bokeh, you’ve got tons of options for making your photos stand out.

PicsArt for Windows 10

The Light 14 Mask looks interesting, so let’s try it out. When applied, you can also tap on the gear icon to fine-tune each Mask (rotate, adjust opacity etc). At the top of the screen, you can experiment with different blending modes or tap on the paintbrush icon to erase parts of the Mask with your finger or stylus.

And here’s the final image. What was a gloomy grey forest is now a little more colorful. Suitable for framing.

PicsArt for Windows 10

3. Adding a photo

Adding a Mask is probably the simplest creative edit you can make with PicsArt. But there’s a universe of additional creative options available to you. Let’s try something different and add a second photo on top of the first. I found a picture I had taken of the moon and saved it to my local PicsArt folder. Then I chose Add Photo and applied the moon to the sky above the trees.

PicsArt for Windows 10

4. Blending two photos together

Next, I tapped on the paintbrush icon to the right and used my finger to erase the blue background and blend it into the photo.

PicsArt for Windows 10

And voilà! We’ve got a more surrealist creation that I was eager to share with the PicsArt community. Not bad for a picture edited on a mobile device if I do say so myself…

5. Sharing your photo with PicsArt

PicsArt for Windows 10

All I have to do is click the sharing icon at the top to post my image to PicsArt and/or the social network of my choice. And that’s it…easy right?

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or you just want to make your images pop, PicsArt is a must-have in your creative roster. Download it for free from the Windows Store today!