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MSI announces Windows 10 gaming laptops built for virtual reality

Written By published May 31, 2016

MSI announced a new line of gaming notebooks powered by Windows 10 and built for the best of virtual reality gaming. These devices and more were showcased at MSI’s 30th Anniversary Gaming Night event at Computex today. Peter Han, vice president of OEM Worldwide Marketing, Microsoft, joined MSI on stage in Taiwan to celebrate the company’s partnerships and highlight the new devices.

GT83/GT73 Titan SLI

MSI’s new GT83 Titan SLI and GT73 Titan SLI laptops are both built ready for the best of virtual reality gaming and are equipped with the SLI platform design.

The GT83 Titan SLI packs a NVIDIA GeForce GTX980 SLI graphics solution and the extreme 3+1 of 4K display surround mode delivering true-to-life gaming experience. The GT73 Titan SLI is the lightest mobile SLI with dual GTX980M SLI level graphics, and also supports single GTX980 top-tier mobile graphics, making it ideal for gamers looking for a smooth gameplay at 4K settings under 3-monitor surround mode.

Pricing and Availability: The GT83 will become available in August of this year and will retail for $4,500 USD. The GT73 will also become available in August and retail for $2,500 USD.

GS63 Stealth Pro

The new GS63 Stealth Pro is a thin but powerful gaming laptop, it’s just 17.7mm thin. The built-in Cooler Boost Trinity has a total of 5 heat pipes and enhanced Whirlwind Blade fans to exhaust the heat out of the system effectively and silently. The dual thermal modules promise the Intel Core i7 6700HQ and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX970M level graphics ultimate performance for long gaming sessions.

Pricing and Availability: The GS63 Stealth Pro will become available in August and retail for $1,600 USD.


MSI GS73 with Windows 10
MSI GS73 with Windows 10

The GS73 laptop accommodates mobile GTX970M graphics and Cooler Boost Trinity, makes it the best slim cooling solution in the industry, it weighs just 5KG. This PC includes a SteelSeries gaming keyboard and SteelSeries Engine 3 software, True Color display with better gamut color panel, ESS SABRE HiFi headset AMP and Nahimic 2.0 for better sound experience.

Pricing and Availability: The GS73 will become available in August and retail for $1,700 USD.

Backpack PC

MSI Backpack PC with Windows 10
MSI Backpack PC with Windows 10

Fueled by Intel extreme Core i7 processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX980 graphics card, the MSI Backpack PC guarantees new levels of performance and capabilities. This PC allows gamers using VR to move naturally without restraints for full immersion in the exhilarating world of virtual reality.

Pricing and Availability: Details on pricing and availability for the Backpack PC will become available later this year.

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