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Gaming on Windows 10 – A Year’s Journey

Written By published August 2, 2016

Today, we’re celebrating the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and commemorating the first birthday for our latest and greatest OS (July 29) – which, after just one year, lives on more than 350 million devices, ranging from PCs to mobile devices, Xbox One consoles and even HoloLens development kits.

Windows 10 gaming features

It turns out that a lot of those devices are playing games. In fact, more than 19 billion hours of gameplay were logged on Windows 10 in year one and games were the top app download category in the Windows Store, generating 32 percent of overall downloads and 85 percent of in-app purchases. It’s not just the Windows Store that’s seeing a boon from gaming on Windows 10 – players on Steam have adopted Windows 10 as their most-used operating system, reaching 44.46 percent usage.

A massively fun part of Windows has always been playing games, and that couldn’t be truer today with the combination of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and the Xbox summer update that arrived last week. These updates continue our commitment to give gamers more choice in how and where they play.

I spoke with Kevin Unangst, senior director for PC gaming here at Team Xbox. Head over to Xbox Wire to read more and see a transcript of what we talked about, including some of our favorite parts of PC gaming with Windows 10 today.