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The Boss Update & Add-Ons are coming to Minecraft Oct. 18

Written By published September 24, 2016

MINECON is here and we’re excited to bring you more details about the next big update for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, releasing on Oct. 18.


As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the Boss Update is bringing boss battles to these versions of Minecraft for the first time. Also arriving in the Boss Update will be the first iteration of Add-Ons. With Add-Ons, you’ll be able to experiment with remixing components of entities or characters in the game.  Worlds you create with Add-Ons can be shared with others directly or uploaded to your Realms and accessed anytime, anywhere. For even more details about Add-Ons and a handy FAQ, check here!

In addition to new gameplay features and the ability for players to customize the game itself, we’ll also be adding new input options. The Boss Update will allow you to use your Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth while you’re playing the Gear VR and Windows 10 Editions.  And later this year*, VR players of the Windows 10 Edition will be getting an update to support Oculus Touch input.

MINECON is just getting started for the weekend, and if you haven’t tuned in yet, you can follow along with all the festivities by checking out our livestreams all weekend.

Head over to Xbox Wire to read more about today’s news! Thanks for playing and we’ll see you online.

*Updated 9/27 to clarify launch timing for Oculus Touch support