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Everspace launches on Xbox One and Windows 10

Written By published November 22, 2016

Our team at Rockfish Games has been working together on space shooters for over ten years now, on everything from smartphones, tablets, PC and, most recently, consoles. Which is why we couldn’t be more excited about the launch of Everspace on Xbox One, our very first console game that supports Xbox Play Anywhere featuring cross-saves and the ability to buy once and play anywhere with Windows 10!


Everspace is a Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) shooter featuring fast-paced space dogfights within dense level design at its core. You’ll have to survive in a hostile environment filled with natural hazards, as well as various enemies like outlaws, aliens, and a mysterious space armada trying to hunt you down. It’s not only about shooting enemies – evading enemy fire is paramount to survival as well. Get Everspace from the Windows Store here, check out developer tips and strategies on playing Everspace over at Xbox Wire and head over to the Everspace forum to learn from veteran pilots who have clocked more than 100 hours in our game.