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Remix3D Preview Community Spotlight

Written By published December 9, 2016

Flying pigs, bunnies with wild eyes and ninja cats. In 3D. Since the launch of Paint3D, people have been creating and remixing crazy 3D creations. Today we’re highlighting some of our favorite weird and wonderful designs. If you are eligible to join the Remix3D Preview community, you can download and remix any of these models (and more!) to kick start your own creations.

Could it “bee” any easier?

Remix3D Preview Community Spotlight

When we set our remixers loose on our various creations, everything from cats and dogs to sharks and starfish, we saw a number of unique hybrids come to life – including this multi-legged bee, complete with matching yellow feet. And his happy facial expression shows how easily you can give personality to any kind of object you want.

Fly the friendly skies

Remix3D Preview Community Spotlight

With just a few simple pieces and the drawing tool, our remixers can take to the skies, literally and figuratively. This easy-to-create little plane promises a safe and enjoyable trip, and is customized with drawn-on windows. The happy clouds and sun provide the right backdrop, with just a sky-blue square and stickers.

Ice cream astronaut

Remix3D Preview Community Spotlight

An ice cream cone large enough to ice skate on. This cold creation combines two of our favorite frozen things – skating and sweets. It also shows how easy it is to change perceptions using 3D. The artist resized the image of the skater and the ice cream to create a new vision of reality. The future looks delicious.

These are just three of our favorites. But hey, with hundreds of models remixed already, there are many more we hope you’ll check out. Discover them for yourself and get inspired! Then, create your own with the Paint 3D Preview.

Have a remixed creation you want us to showcase? Tweet your work to @JessicaMarzipan, and follow us at @Windows!