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Astroneer launches in the Windows Store for Game Preview Dec. 16

Written By published December 15, 2016

Today, we’re excited to announce that Astroneer will launch into Game Preview for Xbox One and on the Windows Store on Dec. 16!

Astroneer launches in the Windows Store for Game Preview Dec. 16

Astroneer is a game about independent space explorers prospecting the stars for fortune and glory. This is a game about discovery and mystery, as you uncover rare artifacts and the resources you need to find them, on vast worlds where every cubic inch of space can be explored. It’s a game about creativity, as you use your tools to dig, build, sculpt, and shape the very ground to serve your needs, whether utilitarian or aesthetic. It’s a game about solitude, as you enjoy the beauty of your surroundings as you might on a long hike or camping trip. It’s also a game about cooperation, as you invite your friends to share the experience with you in multiplayer co-op.

How can you give feedback and participate? The absolute best way will be to get on our forums, where you can post about bugs, discuss features, and meet your fellow Astroneers. The forum will contain links to some of our other communication avenues, and our latest update roadmap.

Head over to Xbox Wire to read more. We look forward to pushing the final frontier with you!