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The Windows 10 Creators Update roll out on track and expanding to more devices

Written By published May 24, 2017

We are now six weeks into rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update and things are going well! As discussed in previous blog posts, we continue to roll out the Windows 10 Creators Update in stages: We ensure things look good with the current population before we offer the update to even more devices. Based on the feedback we’ve heard and improvements we’ve made, we’ve been steadily expanding the rollout, making the Windows 10 Creators Update available to tens of millions more devices, including eligible Windows Phones.

If you want to provide feedback about the Creators Update, use the Feedback Hub application

One key input we consider before offering the Creators Update to even more devices is your feedback. If you are a customer who has provided feedback to Microsoft in the past, I want to say thank you, we appreciate it! If you want to provide us with feedback about the Creators Update, here’s a tip that will help ensure your feedback will have the greatest possible impact: Use the Feedback Hub application! Besides being an information source that we monitor closely, the Feedback Hub application offers a few key advantages. If you have your privacy settings enabled at the Full level, then the Feedback Hub application can capture valuable diagnostic data that makes feedback much more actionable for our engineering teams. Further, the search and upvote capability in the Feedback Hub helps us quickly spot trends across users that may require attention.

We also listen intently to feedback from our Customer Support specialists, support forums, and social media channels. Naturally, we get a lot of feedback, so to ensure we are focused and able to make the best possible decisions about where to target our efforts, we created the Customer Listening and Improvement Program – “CLIP” for short. We employ the CLIP forum to share what we’re hearing, identify top issues, and work together on delivering solutions as quickly as possible. If you would like to see a behind the scenes view of how CLIP operates, check out this video!

This focus on feedback and customer experience enables us to make updates a key part of our rollout plan: We can roll out to more and more devices with increased confidence knowing we’ve addressed the biggest experience issues facing our customers. The first major rollout expansion was timed with our May monthly quality update that addressed known issues from user feedback, including the previously mentioned block for Bluetooth accessory connection issues: This issue is now resolved, the Microsoft Community’s Answers Forum updated, and the specific devices impacted are no longer blocked from receiving the update.

I’ll finish with a reminder that installing updates when they are available is important for keeping your device secure and allows you to enjoy the latest innovations Windows 10 has to offer. I’ll be providing more information on the rollout in the coming weeks.