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Everspace 1.0 now available on Windows 10 and Xbox One

Written By published May 30, 2017

It has been a very long road to release since we started development on Everspace more than two years ago, and it’s hard to believe the day is finally upon us. Truly an exciting time for everyone here at Rockfish Games and for space game enthusiasts. The greatest addition coming with the full release is the long-awaited campaign, including missions, cinematic flashbacks, and fully-voiced cutscenes (in English and German) with text localization available for more than 10 languages including French, Chinese, and Spanish.

Everspace now on Windows 10 and Xbox One

As all players who have played Everspace in Game Preview have already experienced, the hero finds himself clueless in the cockpit of a space fighter at the beginning of the game. After completing basic pilot training, the peculiar onboard AI provides sometimes useful contextual information about the game world and its lore. Now in the full version, you’ll gradually unveil the mystery behind the hero’s existence and your mission through character encounters and cinematic memory flashbacks.

In the completely revamped final sector, you must survive an all-new boss fight that will provide the last piece of the campaign puzzle. But this will not be the end of the game. There’s still an important objective to accomplish to reach the final destination of your journey — no more spoilers beyond this point!

For the full release, you can also look forward to a great set of Achievements and some further surprises that we got up our sleeves. So look for Everspace if you’re up for a narrative-driven roguelike space shooter in a procedurally-generated universe full of surprises, and head over to Xbox Wire to learn more!