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Windows Hello in Token, a biometric ring

Written By published June 29, 2017

Leveraging Windows Hello technology, this new biometric ring helps eliminate the need for passwords.

Token, a biometric ring

There’s a good chance you’ve received an email today saying, “Congratulations, you’ve won!” or that “Your friend has tagged a photo of you” on a social networking site and you need to check it out now. Online schemes often shift from technical to social, and you don’t need to be a tech guru to know that there are bad guys out there trying to compromise your identity.

Our online identities are presented and verified hundreds of times each day as we navigate documents, apps, services and websites. Establishing trusted identities is how a web-based economy functions, and criminals know it. What’s more, passwords can be a hassle, and most of us don’t create strong passwords or follow the best practice of maintaining a different password for every site. Often times, we create easy-to-remember passwords and typically use the same passwords across all of our accounts.

Studies show more than 80 percent of people use the same password across multiple web sites, managing around 20-30 different accounts. When the same password is used across several sites, compromising one account can expose many others to abuse. Log in credentials are such an important layer in securing your device because malicious actors can use social engineering, phishing, or keylogging techniques to steal passwords from your device, or compromise the server where the passwords are stored.

Protecting identities while simultaneously empowering people to be productive requires solutions that are engineered from the ground up to work together. At Microsoft, our approach to multi-factor authentication is a combination of a device and a second factor, say a PIN or a biometric signature, you create on the device. So it requires something you have as well as something unique only you know or have.

Microsoft designed Windows Hello to help enable people to move to a password alternative that is fast and has enterprise-grade security from the online threats and we’re thrilled to work with Token to make the Windows Hello experience even better. With its simple design, Token – a biometric identity ring changing the way you prove and protect your identity by streamlining the process of authentication throughout your day – logs you into Windows 10 seamlessly in a way that feels natural and familiar.

We’re excited to continue working with our partners like Token to make Windows devices and people’s online experiences more secure. Embracing new innovations like this one, we are continually fostering a vibrant ecosystem of partners across the industry who are committed to working together to make life harder for the bad guys, and easier for you.