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This Week on Windows: Hit Refresh, Ignite, Halo Wars 2, Excel and more

Written By published September 28, 2017

We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of This Week on Windows! In case you missed it, read all about the news from Ignite, and check out our Windows 10 Tip how you can work better together with Microsoft Excel.

In case you missed it:

Here’s what’s new in the Windows Store:


Halo Wars 2: Complete Edition & Awakening the Nightmare Expansion

The explosive, real-time strategy of Halo Wars 2: Complete Edition ($59.99) is here and includes Halo Wars 2, Halo Wars 2 Season Pass and the Awakening the Nightmare expansion released today (included with Complete Edition, or $19.99 Standalone), delivering new blur cinematics and five campaign missions, including fight against the Flood from the Banished’s perspective.

Raiders of the Broken Planet (Free, with IAP options)

Raiders of the Broken Planet

Challenging missions and playing for good or evil are the key elements of Raiders of the Broken Planet. Whether you’re playing 4 vs 1 or solo, whether you’re competing for valuable rewards or not, the world of Raiders offers epic battles against human invaders and warriors who know no fear.


Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones Season 7

As new alliances are forged, and old enemies meet each other on the battlefield, the Night King and his terrifying army of the undead threaten all of Westeros from the North. Watch every thrilling episode of the penultimate season of Game of Thrones ($27.99 HD, $20.99 SD) available now in the Movies & TV section of the Windows Store.

Star Trek: Discovery on CBS (Subscription Required, Free Trial Available)

Star Trek: Discovery on CBS

Fifty years ago, Star Trek debuted on television and an entertainment genre was born. Now, Star Trek: Discovery premieres on CBS All Access (Subscription Required, Free Trial Available) to show us what happened in the years leading up to Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise. That means a new ship, new characters and new missions. Watch it today with the CBS app for Windows 10.

Spider-Man: Homecoming ($19.99 HD, $14.99 SD)

Spider-Man: Homecoming

With guidance from his mentor Tony Stark, Spider-Man begins to navigate his new identity as a superhero in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Watch the hit film tonight, available in the Movies & TV section of the Windows Store three weeks before Blu-ray. Plus, for a limited time, purchase Spider-Man: Homecoming and receive a free add-on for the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite game on Xbox One! For full details, visit:

Have a great week!