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Windows 10 Tip: Bring your stories to life with the reimagined Photos app

Written By published October 23, 2017

Did you know that with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the reimagined Photos app makes creating and editing videos easy and fun – no editing experience required? Personalize and share your story like never before using your photos, videos, inking, and even 3D effects.

Let’s take a closer look. To get started, head to the Photos app. Select the Create button. You can make a video project from scratch, or choose Video Remix and two or more photos or videos and the Photos app will automatically bring together your memories into a video complete with soundtracks, themes, and transitions. That’s right – the work is done for you!


Keep this cut to enjoy and share, or easily remix it with just the click of a button for an all new look and feel of the video, complete with a new soundtrack and transitions.

Video editor

Want to make it your own? Video editing with the Photos app is easy. With an intuitive interface, you can move photos and videos to rework the flow of the video, trim the length of a frame, add filters for a more dramatic effect, add zoom in or zoom out motion, even ink right on your videos which you can anchor to an object so it tracks along with the video.

Ink right on your videos

And – one of our favorite ways to really make your story come to life are 3D effects! Easily add effects like a lightning bolt, a fireball, or confetti – to take your story to a whole new level. 3D Effects can be attached to an object in a scene – even one that moves – for extra realism.

3D Effects

Photos and videos have never been more popular on Windows, with more than 300 million active users of Photos on Windows 10, not to mention that trillions of photos and videos exist digitally cross various devices. Which is why we’re making it easy to organize all your photos and videos, bringing all your content from across your devices into your collection in the Photos app.

You can search all your media for photos of a person just by selecting their face in the Search box. Or find your photos of that trip to Italy, or all the beaches you’ve been to just by searching for “beach”. And with our advanced search capabilities and auto-tagging, we’re making it easier than ever to quickly find that one photo to make your story perfect.

Search bar

While you’re looking through your collection of media, check out the set of albums and video remixes put together for you at the top. Select one to view – what a fun way to relive the weekend, or all the stuff that happened to you on today’s date over the years!

Once you’ve completed your personalized story, it’s easy to share in email, across social networks, or for big screens – all right from within the app. With our export or share feature, you can choose the right file size based on where you’re sharing.

To start creating your own personal story, go to the Photos app – free with Windows 10 – or head over here to read more about what’s new in the Fall Creators Update and how you can get the update.

Have a great week!