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Do more at the intelligent edge with Windows 10 IoT

Written By published May 7, 2018

Microsoft announces the Windows AI Platform with Windows 10 IoT, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure IoT Edge to accelerate the intelligent edge.

In the world of connected things, devices are getting more powerful. Advances in silicon, memory, and cloud technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence are enabling devices to do more at the edge. These advances will expand use cases in manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and many other industries where an intelligent edge will unlock the power of the intelligent cloud in new ways.

Today, we are excited to announce a Windows AI Platform-enabled solution to put this power in the hands of every developer. In the next update to Windows 10, the Windows AI Platform with Azure Machine Learning together with Azure IoT Edge will bring hardware-accelerated machine learning model evaluation on the edge. By using instruction set optimizations on modern CPUs, hardware acceleration on GPUs that support DirectX 12, and a driver model for purpose-built AI processors in the future, the Windows AI Platform will deliver performance and efficiency on the broadest range of form factors.

At Microsoft Build 2018, we are showcasing this through a powerful demonstration. Imagine a production line in a steel factory equipped with cameras that can capture every square inch of steel passing through the line. Using traditional image processing techniques, it’s difficult to process and analyze this information, derive insights, and take actions in a timely and affordable manner. Using the Windows AI Platform available on every Windows 10 device, the machine learning model on the device will process the images at the edge and can detect anomalies on the steel surface instantaneously. With Azure IoT Edge, the device can be configured to send alerts or take a corrective action. With Azure Machine Learning, the ML model will be retrained and redeployed easily and quickly across devices. Such a deployment will enable a truly intelligent edge with hardware that is already available in market on a Windows 10 device with Direct X12 GPU.

Drawing of Windows AI Platform powering edge solution at a steel factory.
Windows AI Platform powering edge solution at a steel factory.

At EmbeddedWorld2018, Microsoft announced 10 years of security updates and an expanded offering of long-life silicon for Windows 10 IoT Core. In close collaboration with NXP, we have begun a private preview of Windows 10 IoT Core on NXP i.MX 6 and i.MX 7 processors. Today, we are announcing that Microsoft and NXP will release commercial support for IoT Core with i.MX6 and i.MX7 with the next release of IoT Core.

Windows 10 IoT platform continues to evolve with feature investments including the Windows AI Platform, expanded silicon offerings, and long-term support commitment. We are excited about the possibilities and want to see what you do with this. To learn more about developing with Windows 10 IoT, enroll in our Early Adopter Program at [email protected].

Do more at the intelligent edge with Windows 10 IoT