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Computex 2018: Microsoft outlines vision for how partners can build intelligent edge devices and solutions

Written By published June 5, 2018

Today at Computex 2018, Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President, Consumer and Device Sales – along with executives from Microsoft’s engineering, marketing, and research teams – shared more about our vision for the future of computing and the opportunity it represents for our device partners.

Man and woman standing on a stage.
Nick Parker, corporate vice president, Consumer and Device Sales and Roanne Sones, corporate vice president, Platforms, Microsoft Corp. on stage at Computex 2018 with the new the 70” Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp.

Here are some of the highlights:

The opportunity to leverage AI, ubiquitous computing, Microsoft 365, multi-device and multi-sense experiences has never been greater. Together we can create new, compelling devices and experiences in the era of the intelligent edge and intelligent cloud.

To accelerate innovation in this new era we invite all our partners to join our intelligent edge partner community. The community will help partners connect with one another to identify opportunities to collaborate on technology innovation and achieve shared business goals. In addition, community members will be able to participate in trainings and community events and can participate in early adopter programs that provide access to documentation, specs, OS builds and certification details. To sign up, simply head to this page.

Today, in Taipei, we announced a new category of teamwork devices; Windows Collaboration Displays. These large interactive displays will let people experience Microsoft 365 collaboration tools: Office, Teams, and Whiteboard at room scale, and include built-in sensors that can connect to Azure IoT spatial intelligence capabilities. This incredible technology will allow facility managers to utilize environmental data to make real-time decisions. A variety of collaboration displays, from Sharp and Avocor will be available later this year.

We also announced Windows 10 IoT Core Services. This new service offering enables partners to commercialize a secure IoT device backed by industry-leading support. It provides device makers the ability to manage updates for the OS, apps, settings, and OEM-specific files, and is backed by 10 years of support.

Using Microsoft’s programs, platforms and suite of services, our partners are bringing to life a breadth of devices at the Intelligent Edge that delight customers and empower them to do more. Microsoft 365 enables people and organizations to embrace the modern culture of work: to be more creative, work together more effectively, and have a more productive experience – without sacrificing protection and security. This platform opens the door for new experiences brought to life by great hardware innovations from our partner ecosystem – that helps users fluidly go from mouse to keyboard to touch to ink – and beyond, to multi-sense scenarios like voice and vision.

Every part of our lives, every industry, and every sector of our economy is being digitally transformed. There are limitless opportunities for Microsoft partners – from the largest Azure servers to the smallest devices using Azure Sphere and everything in between.”