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Windows 10 Tip: Search, shop and learn through the photos you take with Visual Search 

Written By published June 25, 2018

The new intelligent Visual Search feature, powered by Bing, allows you to search the web using your camera. Now you can search, shop and learn more about your world through the photos you take. ​

Last week, the Bing team launched new intelligent Visual Search capabilities, built upon the visual technology already in Bing, which can help you identify things like landmarks, flowers and animals and help you shop for clothes and home furnishings. You can even get search results for similar-looking images, different dimensions of the same image, and links to other site(s) that use the same images.

It’s available today on both iOS and Android devices – try it through the Bing app for iOS and Android, the Microsoft Edge app on Android and Microsoft Launcher on Android. Visual search will be coming soon to the Microsoft Edge app on iOS and the mobile site.

Here’s what you can do with it:

Opening Microsoft Edge to search with an image

Snap a picture, start a search.

See a landmark or flower and want to learn more about it, but don’t quite know its name? Simply take a photo using one of the apps. Bing will identify the landmark and share insights to give you more information by providing additional links to explore.

Using an image of someone in a jacket to search for jackets like it

Upload a pic from your camera roll, get more details.

See a friend’s jacket you want, but don’t know its brand or where to purchase? Upload a pic into the app’s search box and Bing will return visually-similar jackets, share prices, and details for where to purchase.

Visit the Bing Blog to learn more about Visual Search!