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November 21, 2018

Save money and time with Microsoft Shopping Assistant

Screenshot of an Amazon product page for holiday lights, with the Microsoft Shopping Assistant frame on the right side with price comparisons

Microsoft Shopping Assistant, first released in 2016 through The Garage, is a browser add-on that helps you get the best deals at more than 50,000 online stores, from top retailers like Amazon and Walmart to your favorite boutique shop on Etsy.

Track prices for products on thousands of stores

Never miss a deal again with the Microsoft Shopping Assistant. When you’re on a product web page, click the heart shaped button in the assistant widget and add it to your Favorites. The assistant will automatically notify you when the price changes, and you can see all price changes from the notifications screen in the assistant.

Compare prices across retailers

Shop smarter with instant price comparisons from other retailers. When you’re shopping online, the assistant will notify you when products you’re looking at are cheaper elsewhere. See how much you can save or if you’re already getting the best deal. You can also find recommendations for similar products.

Stay on top of your shopping everywhere you shop

Forget about keeping multiple tabs open or emailing yourself links of your favorite products. The assistant automatically remembers products you’ve browsed so you don’t have to. You can also organize your shopping with custom boards.

You are always in control

Microsoft Shopping Assistant is built with your security and privacy in mind. You are always in control of your shopping data – you can remove products from the assistant’s history at any time.

Take the assistant shopping with you this holiday season. Add it to your browser and simplify your shopping!

Editor’s note: The name of the add-on was updated following initial publication.