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At MWC, Lenovo reveals the latest in the IdeaPad and IdeaCentre family, plus intelligent ThinkPad laptops

Written By published February 25, 2019

At MWC Barcelona 2019, Lenovo announced a fresh range of Windows 10 IdeaPad and IdeaCentre mainstream consumer PCs that deliver budget-friendly design choices and greater value for students, young professionals and families.

IdeaPad S540 in Copper, open and lying flat
IdeaPad S540 in Copper

Available in 14-inch and 15-inch sizes in an all-aluminum chassis, the new IdeaPad S540 ultra-slim laptop balances higher performance with greater portability and longer battery life [1]. You can get it in two options: the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor with up to NVIDIA GeForce MX250 GPUs, or up to an AMD Ryzen 7 3700U mobile processor with Radeon RX Vega 10 graphics. Either way, the IdeaPad S540 gives you more than enough horsepower for binge-watching a TV series, word processing and online shopping. It has up to 12 hours of all-day battery life [2] with RapidCharge technology, which enables up to two hours of use with about a 15-minute charge [3].

IdeaPad S340 in Platinum Grey, open at about a 45-degree angle, facing left
IdeaPad S340 in Platinum Grey

The IdeaPad S540’s younger sibling is the new IdeaPad S340, which shows off an even slimmer and lighter profile than before in an array of four colors and 14-inch or 15-inch size options. Also boasting more power than before, this ultra-slim laptop has up to the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8565U processor with up to NVIDIA GeForce MX250 GPUs, or the option of up to AMD Ryzen 7 3700U mobile processor with Radeon RX Vega 10 graphics.

With AI-powered features in Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana [4], you can schedule meetings, get reminders or manage to-do lists on Cortana or ask to shop, order food, or turn on the music and the lights through Alexa.

IdeaPad C340 2-in-1 convertible laptop, open at a 90-degree angle, facing right
IdeaPad C340 in Onyx Black

Thin and versatile for those on the move, the new IdeaPad C340 2-in-1 convertible laptop is a close cousin to the IdeaPad S540 and S340 ultra-slim laptops. It offers full-day battery life of up to eight hours [1] with RapidCharge technology [3], Active Pen support on select models to conveniently sketch or write from anywhere, and an optional integrated fingerprint reader for quick and easy PC log-in. Also available in 14-inch and 15-inch sizes in three colors [5], it can easily flex from a laptop for typing longer emails and spreadsheets into a tablet for watching videos during daily commuting.

IdeaCentre AIO A340
IdeaCentre AIO A340

Completing the new family of consumer PCs is the new IdeaCentre AIO A340 all-in-one desktop. Designed to fit seamlessly into nearly any modern home or workspace, the new IdeaCentre is available in 22 or 24 inches as a full HD display, with thinner bezels. Made for families or professionals who want a space-saving home desktop or reliable work desktop for their small workspace or home office, it has an Intel Core i5-8400T processor with AMD Radeon 530 or integrated graphics, or up to a 7th Generation AMD A9-9425 processor with Radeon R5 graphics for daily work or home computing needs.

Yoga ANC Headphones
Yoga ANC Headphones

For an immersive entertainment experience or focused productivity, pair any of the new IdeaPad or IdeaCentre PCs with the new Yoga ANC Headphones, which include hybrid ANC (active noise cancellation) and ENC (environmental noise cancellation) mics with voice assist and Dolby-tuned drivers that can intelligently filter out background noise during calls.

latest additions to the ThinkPad portfolio, lined up in a row in different open configurations

The evolution of workspaces includes connected devices that provide features and benefits for laptops, which are central to modern users’ digital wardrobe. With this in mind, Lenovo also introduced the latest additions to the ThinkPad portfolio: the T490s, T490, T590, X390 and X390 Yoga. (They join more than 140 million ThinkPads that have been sold to date.)

Close-up of screen and keyboard of the Thinkpad T490s with Dolby optional display
Thinkpad T490s with Dolby optional display

Whether it is working on business-critical workflows or interacting on social media, users expect access wherever and whenever they want. All ThinkPad models include high-performance Wi-Fi and optional LTE-A global WWAN capability. The ThinkPad T490 takes roaming connectivity to the next level with CAT16 LTE-A support with the 4×4 UltraConnect antenna configuration for up to Gigabit speeds and maximum signal strength.

The ThinkPad T490s, X390 and X390 Yoga also feature new Wi-Fi 6 Gig+ technology with Bluetooth 5.1 for premium Gigabit wireless connectivity.

For 2019, Lenovo has embraced Intelligent Connectivity principles through a foundational engineering philosophy.

With industry-leading security with ThinkShield, users can confidently work with confidential information. The online world is full of hazards and threats, such as data breaches and stolen identities. Users want their personal information, identity and data to be secure out of the box. In any typical day, a user will most certainly login to their laptop, likely participate in a video conference and perhaps review confidential information.

Close-up of Lenovo fingerprint reader with components floating above keyboard
Lenovo fingerprint reader

The Match-on-Chip fingerprint reader enhances the privacy of fingerprint information by ensuring the biometric image never leaves the chip, thus delivering a more secure identification for login and online transactions.

Close-up of ThinkShutter, with components open and floating over built-in camera

ThinkShutter [6], a physical camera cover, available on both RGB and IR webcams, offers a way to protect users from malicious webcam hackers. ThinkPad PrivacyGuard [7] activates screen privacy at the touch of a button. PrivacyAlert can even warn you if someone is snooping over your shoulder.

Users will also notice significant improvements to the ThinkPad BIOS, such as a new modern Graphical User Interface making the BIOS much easier to navigate. Lenovo has also developed a range of new UEFI-based BIOS security and manageability enhancements, providing users and IT administrators with higher levels of security and management capabilities.

One of those is a self-healing feature that is able to revert to a known good backup copy in the event of BIOS corruption or a malicious attack. This is designed to provide customers with a more resilient BIOS and to prevent hackers from infiltrating the lowest level firmware code.

To further enhance the mobile work experience, Lenovo has high-definition displays, such as a new low-power 400 nit FHD display using Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon technology to boost brightness with improved battery life. And for the first time in ThinkPad T and X series, Lenovo introduces dual far-field microphones that significantly enhance VOIP conferencing performance, especially for multiple participants and in noisy environments, and Dolby Audio Premium greatly improves sound.

These updated ThinkPad T and X series laptops also include HDR displays with Dolby Vision support available on all T series and the latest 8th Generation Intel Core processors.

Also debuting at MWC: the Lenovo 14w with Windows 10 and Lenovo 14e Chromebook laptops, which are aimed at increasing firstline worker productivity; an all-new ThinkVision M14 mobile display; and X1 ANC Headphones to maximize the flexibility of remote teamwork.

Firstline workers are key contributors within large enterprise segments, such as retail, hospitality, travel and manufacturing. By providing firstline workers with PC devices, such as the Lenovo 14w and 14e Chromebook, companies can improve their collaboration and contribution. Designed with this specific segment of the workforce in mind, the Lenovo 14w and 14e Chromebook, powered by AMD, are built with features to handle the wear and tear of a day on the shop or factory floor.

In the Lenovo 14w with Windows 10, users will find AMD A6-9220c performance in a thin and light package: 17.7mm and 3.39 pounds, with an aluminum top cover. There’s also a 14-inch FHD with IPS touch display; a spill-proof and backlit keyboard; and a 57 Whr battery built to last a full day. It will be available starting in March, with an expected starting price of $299 [8].

The new ThinkVision M14 monitor offers a simple mobile display solution for increased screen real-estate while on the move so users can share content with colleagues and customers. Both USB-C ports can be used as a pass-through when connected to AC power. They can also charge your laptop or simply connect as a second screen. It will be available starting in May, with an expected price of $249 [8].

The X1 ANC Headphone, professionally tuned by Dolby for Lenovo systems, offers enhanced audio capability and noise-cancelling features such as active noise cancellation (ANC) and electronic noise cancelling (ENC), similar to technology used in aviation headsets. The headphones can be used wireless through Bluetooth 5.0, or connected and charged by USB-C. The collapsible design means easy storage and transport. It will be available starting in June, with an expected price of $149 [8].

The following will be available starting in June:

ThinkPad T490s, with an expected starting price of $1279 [8].
ThinkPad T490, with an expected starting price of $999 [8].
ThinkPad T590, with an expected starting price of $1029 [8].
ThinkPad X390, with an expected starting price of $1099 [8].
ThinkPad X390 Yoga, with an expected starting price of $1359 [8].

Find out more through Lenovo’s press release.

[1] All battery life claims are approximate and based on test results using the MobileMark 2014 version 1.5 battery life benchmark test. Actual results will vary, and depend on numerous factors including product configuration and usage, software, operating conditions, wireless functionality, power management settings, screen brightness and other factors. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. See for additional details.

[2] Up to 12 hours of battery life available on the Intel-based IdeaPad S540 and IdeaPad C340, based on MobileMark version 1.5 battery life benchmark test above.

[3] Charged in power-off mode, requires using 65 watt power supply.

[4] Cortana is accessible through the Windows 10 start menu, and Alexa for PC is accessible through Lenovo Vantage during the initial set-up. Alexa is available on select Lenovo PCs in the U.S., U.K. and Germany.

[5] Prices may not include tax and do not include shipping or options and are subject to change without notice; additional terms and conditions apply. Reseller prices may vary. On-shelf dates, size and color options may vary by geography and products may only be available in selected markets. All offers subject to availability. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings, features and specifications at any time without notice.

[6] ThinkShutter physical webcam security is available on all ThinkPad models including both RGB and IR webcam options.

[7] ThinkPad PrivacyGuard is available on the new T490s, T490 and X390, as well as the recently announced ThinkPad X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga.

[8] Pricing and availability may be subject to change and local country configuration.