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Windows 10 Tip: Snip & Sketch

Written By published April 8, 2019

Did you know easy snipping is just a single step away, thanks to the Windows 10 October 2018 Update?  

Since it’s available in the Microsoft Store, Snip & Sketch (originally introduced as part of the Windows Ink Workspace under the name “Screen Sketch”) can update faster and more frequently. It’s already had four app updates with new features since it was introduced in the fall. 

Unlike Screen Sketch, the Snip & Sketch app will show up on the taskbar and in the task switcher (Alt+tab), which makes it much easier to multi-task. You can also set the window size, and it even supports multiple windows. 

To quickly snip and share a screenshot, press the Windows key + Shift + S to bring up a snipping toolbar – use it to snip a rectangle, something a bit more freeform, or full screen and it will go straight to your clipboard. If that’s all you need, you can take it from there. 

Check it out in action: 

GIF of an illustrated cat hiking and the image getting snipped into a new window

But you may want more. Immediately after taking a snip, you’ll get an invitation to take your snip to the Snip & Sketch app where you can annotate and share. 

If the Windows key + Shift + S keyboard shortcut is too long to remember, there are three easy entry options: 

  1. Just click the pen tail button. If you have a digital pen, go into Pen & Windows Ink Settings – you’ll find Screen Snipping is now an option for single click. This will launch you directly into our snipping experience. 
  1. Press Print Screen.Go to the Settings app and search for “PrtScn”, which will take you to a page with a toggle switch that says “Use the Print Screen key to launch screen snipping.” Turn on this toggle to start snipping with just a single key press. 
  2. Press the quick action button in Action Center, labelled “Screen snip.” It should be there as soon as you upgrade, but if not, you can always enable it via Notifications & Actions Settings. 

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