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Now available: Samsung Galaxy Book Flex and Samsung Galaxy Book Ion

Written By published May 4, 2020

Announced last fall, two new Samsung Windows 10 PCs are now available: the Galaxy Book Flex and the Galaxy Book Ion.
The Samsung Galaxy Book Flex is a 2-in-1 PC with a QLED display packed with all the sharpness, detail and colors you’re used to on your TV, combined with an ultra-slim, convertible design that seamlessly converts from laptop to tablet. It comes in 13-and-15-inch versions.

But it’s got a lot going on under that attractive exterior. A 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor delivers split-second responsiveness for easy multitasking. The Wireless PowerShare turns your trackpad into a charging pad, and with its multi-workday battery life, you can keep working and creating uninterrupted.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex with a phone charging on the trackpad
Wireless charging

Another bonus: the ability to control presentations and other content from across the room using the included Bluetooth-enabled S Pen.

Like the Flex, the Samsung Galaxy Book Ion comes with a QLED display, wireless charging pad, 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and S-Pen, as well as a long-lasting battery. With the Ion, when you tilt the screen back the spine elevates the keypad ever so slightly, creating a more comfortable angle.

If you have a Samsung phone, you can connect it to these PCs using Microsoft’s Your Phone. Then you can get to your recent photos, text messages, notifications and mobile apps on your PC, without the need to switch between devices.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex with colors exploding in the background

You can also sign into both models using a fingerprint or a PIN, thanks to Windows Hello – so no need to enter a password.

These devices will be available at Best Buy and Microsoft Store, among other national retailers.