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What’s new in Microsoft Edge – July 2020 / Microsoft Inspire Edition

Written By published July 21, 2020

Microsoft Inspire is a chance to connect with, and celebrate, our valued partners all around the world. Today, we are excited to announce that the FastTrack Ready Partner program is expanding to include the new Microsoft Edge. Learn more about the program—and additional Microsoft Edge news and features—below.

Microsoft Inspire announcements

Microsoft Edge joins FastTrack Ready Partner program—Next month, the FastTrack Ready Partner program expands to include Microsoft Edge, giving customers even more options to get help with deploying and configuring the new Microsoft Edge in their organizations. Starting August 2020, eligible customers with 150 or more paid seats of Windows 10 Enterprise can work with a FastTrack Ready Partner to receive deployment guidance for Microsoft Edge. Organizations can also receive deployment guidance directly from FastTrack.

FastTrack offers more than deployment guidance for eligible customers—it also offers compatibility support at no additional cost through the App Assure program. The App Assure promise is this: if an organization’s web apps and sites work on Internet Explorer 11, supported versions of Google Chrome, or any version of Microsoft Edge, those web apps and sites should work on the new Microsoft Edge. If not, the organization can contact App Assure for remediation support.

FastTrack and App Assure provide deployment and compatibility support to help organizations transition as smoothly as possible to the new Microsoft Edge. Eligible customers can submit a Request for Assistance (RFA) by contacting FastTrack.

Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) public preview now available—Microsoft Edge is the only browser that natively supports Microsoft Endpoint DLP and eliminates the need to install, maintain and upgrade additional data loss prevention software for the browser. As more work shifts to cloud-powered applications accessed via the browser, having the right data protection and governance approach is critical. Microsoft Endpoint DLP not only addresses regulation and privacy, but also mitigates data leakage and risk when using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 devices. With native support in Microsoft Edge, customers can easily extend their control over sensitive data when accessing information via the browser. Starting on July 21, Microsoft Endpoint DLP will be available for public preview and we encourage customers to try it before general availability. Learn more here.

Animation of Microsoft Endpoint DLP user interface

Microsoft Edge news

Microsoft Edge rated highest in phishing and malware protection—60% of the time people spend on the PC is within the web browser, and it has become the primary way we work, learn and play. That’s why it’s critical that your web browser enables productivity and helps keep you safe. We’re excited to share that in two recent independent studies published this month by NSS Labs, Microsoft Edge is the highest scoring browser in the phishing and malware security reports. We are dedicated to the security of our users and are eager to continue pushing for further innovations. Read the full report for more details.

Features and updates

Easily switch between work and lifeHere’s a work from home situation you’re probably familiar with. You’ve kept your browsing separate with both a work and personal profile, but when you’re using your personal profile a coworker pings you with a work link. You try to open it, but instead of using your work profile, the link tries to open in your personal profile (where your work credentials are not saved). With Automatic Profile Switching, Microsoft Edge opens the link in the correct profile saving you the time and hassle of re-entering credentials. If you try to access a work link while browsing in your personal profile—or vice versa—Microsoft Edge will prompt you to switch profiles before opening it. Links that need work credentials open in your work profile, and links that need personal credentials open in your personal profile—it’s that simple and is available now. To enable, go into “Multiple profile preferences” in your Profile settings.

Edge Automatic Profile Switching animation

Organize your ideas with Collections now on mobileCollections allows you to easily collect and organize content from across the web. Now you can access, add and organize Collections on your mobile device—pull up a recipe you saved while cooking or access an internal work site you saved on the go. Download the iOS or Android Microsoft Edge mobile app to get started.

Animation showing organization of Collections on mobile device

Do more with notes in CollectionsYou can now add a note to an item in a collection. Notes stay attached to an item even if you drag and drop to rearrange your collection. To try this new feature, right-click on an item already in Collections and select “Add note.” You can now also change the background color of notes to organize them and find them faster. Try it now in the desktop version of Microsoft Edge.

Listen to PDF files and make edits easierThe web is for everyone, and for some, listening can be easier than reading. Read Aloud for PDF not only supports auditory learners, but also frees up users to listen to PDF content while carrying out other tasks. We’ve also improved PDF file editing. Users can now save edits back to the working PDF file instead of needing to save a new copy each time they make an edit. This feature is now generally available.

Translate full web pages into 54 languages—Microsoft Edge can now translate web page text into one of 54 languages with the press of a button. To get started, navigate to the reading preferences in Immersive Reader, select your language of choice, and see the words change instantly to your preferred language. Translate in Immersive Reader is now generally available.

Animation showing translation of a web page in Microsoft Edge

Thanks for checking out the first installment of “What’s new in Microsoft Edge”! Be on the lookout for future blogs where we’ll share news, upcoming features and all things Microsoft Edge.