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Play gamescom’s Best Xbox Game of 2020: Tell Me Why Chapter 1 now available

Written By published August 27, 2020

The first chapter of three-part series Tell Me Why – just named gamescom’s Best Microsoft Xbox Game of 2020 – is now available with Xbox Game Pass and on PC for Windows 10, Steam and Xbox One.

Tell Me Why tells the story of Alyson and Tyler Ronan, twins who have reunited for the first time in a decade after the death of their mother. In this intimate mystery, you explore their joyful but troubled childhood in beautiful small-town Alaska.

This latest adventure from DONTNOD Entertainment was crafted in close partnership with cultural, mental health and transgender advocates and organizations. The creative team relied on input from a variety of sources, including trans, nonbinary and gender non-conforming staff at DONTNOD Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios, to ensure a thoughtful portrayal of Tyler, a young trans man.

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