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December 18, 2020

‘Xbox: Beyond Generations’ shows how playing video games together builds new family connections

Loneliness among the older generation is a growing problem world-wide. Gaming in virtual worlds can provide a vital connection between older and younger family members.

“Xbox: Beyond Generations” aims to bridge that generational divide in families. The initiative launches with a short documentary film, which follows the story of a family on their journey towards re-connecting with each other via gaming. Howard and his grandson Dhillon, who live nearly three hours’ driving distance apart, used to have a close relationship. But they drifted apart.   

Over four weeks, the filmed experiment documents their rekindled relationship. Their ability to go on virtual road trips in Forza or sail on virtual ships together in Sea of Thieves—shared activities that are no longer possible for them to do in real life—becomes the catalyst for opening up to each other about their lives and forming a deeper bond. 

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