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PC gaming
March 3, 2021

Max Brooks talks about ‘The Mountain,’ the sequel to his first Minecraft book

In Max Brooks’ first Minecraft book, “The Island,” readers follow the inner thoughts of Guy, a man who wakes up and finds himself having to survive in a weird world of blocks.

Now, in the sequel, “The Mountain,” Guy strikes out across the sea to see what else the world holds, and he lands on a frozen taiga coast. There, he encounters another person, Summer. Now Guy is going to learn how to survive with someone else.

If you enjoy the audiobook versions of stories like this, you’ll hear familiar voices on both: Jack Black and Sean Astin, who both went to high school with Brooks.

Explore Summer’s mountain base in a free adventure map, available now.

Get Minecraft for Windows 10 and find out all about The Mountain and its free map on