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October 19, 2021

HP Presence introduces suite of conferencing and collaboration solutions for hybrid work

For many companies, hybrid work has become much more common, especially in the past year. HP Presence Meeting Space Solutions is a new portfolio of conferencing and collaboration solutions that aims to connect people who don’t work together in the same physical space.

HP Presence is a suite of scalable, bundled options with hardware and services for meeting spaces of any size – from huddle rooms to large meeting spaces. It will work with Microsoft Teams Rooms, pending certification, interacting intuitively with users to provide an intelligent meeting experience and deliver useful real-time analytics back to IT.

HP Presence curates its solutions by size (small, medium and large spaces) with hardware that includes a Mini Conferencing PC, intelligent room controls, a 4K camera, a device that combines intelligent cinematic video experiences with privacy, and embedded audio processing and plug-and-play satellite microphones.

Man and woman in office talking to a woman on monitor

Start a meeting in seconds with one touch to launch a Microsoft Teams meeting. Guest Mode makes it easy to launch meetings with any another unified communications (UC) device. Upon entering a meeting room, HP Meeting Ready automatically wakes up the center of room control, turns on the screen and turns on the camera.

There are other ways HP Presence empowers people to feel connected as they or their co-workers come back to the office part-time. With HP Speaker Frame, a picture-in-picture mode, speakers in-room are spotlighted. For a better conferencing experience for remote attendees, HP Auto Frame puts meeting room attendees into perspective by framing out white space. Move around the room without disrupting the meeting flow with HP Speaker Tracking, which allows speakers to move around the room while keeping them in frame. And when the in-room crowd gets loud, HP Auto Volume adjusts the volume for remote attendee speakers so they don’t get drowned out and can still contribute to the discussion.

IT teams looking for solutions to manageability and security challenges can turn to HP Presence to easily set up and deploy HP Presence regardless of room size or configurations. They can configure and test the solution and share custom settings remotely. They can improve the employee experience on an ongoing basis with intelligent analytics from HP Presence Insights* to consider modifications such as revising room configurations and device settings or relocating underutilized speakers or cameras. They can also keep track of room assistant reporting trends and how often equipment is cleaned.

Head over to HP for more information.

*HP Presence Insights is included through December 31, 2022 and functionality will then revert to HP Presence Manager. Purchase of 1–5-year license is required thereafter. HP Presence Manager and HP Presence Insights are licensed by the terms of the HP Presence Insights Terms of Service at HP Presence Manager and HP Presence Insights use HP Cloud Endpoint Manager and HP TechPulse, a telemetry and analytics platform that provides critical data around devices and applications. HP Cloud Endpoint Manager and HP TechPulse follow stringent GDPR privacy regulations. HP TechPulse is ISO27001, ISO27701, ISO27017 and SOC2 Type2 certified for Information Security. Internet access with connection to TechPulse portal is required. For full system requirements, please visit HP Presence Manager and HP Presence Insights are licensed by the terms of the HP Presence Terms of Service at