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Windows 11
January 18, 2022

Windows 11 powers a new generation of devices for education’s changing landscape

I am so inspired by the continued innovation from our partners, who are finding new ways to meet the ever-changing needs of students, faculty and administration. As schools continue to navigate change, many are finding that one size does not fit all, and as a result are adopting a variety of hybrid learning approaches and embracing remote learning. The value that technology can deliver to unlock these capabilities is impressive. Of course, it’s great seeing Windows 11 at the center of it all, with new tools designed to improve the learning experience and enable better, richer learning experiences. Schools are still expanding and creating new ways of teaching and learning, and I love how the education community is leveraging technology to help students not only survive, but thrive.

New devices drive reliable, secure, powerful learning with Windows 11

While education has fundamentally changed in recent years, Microsoft remains steadfast in our promise to support students’ and educators’ needs today and in the future. Windows 11 delivers a powerful yet simplified, clean and fluid design aimed at making communicating and collaborating easier. The introduction of Windows 11 SE in November ushered in a new era of education. Designed and built during the pandemic to address the most fundamental challenges that schools face in the blended learning world, it brings performance enhancements that optimize resources on low-cost devices to deliver more comprehensive learning experiences, and is simple to deploy and manage. Our partners are building a broad portfolio of Windows 11 SE devices that are now starting to become available globally. Educators will find many choices of form factors to meet students’ needs at price points to fit any budget. Anywhere, anytime learning is here to stay. As schools and systems constantly shift and evolve to meet the needs of their students and families, Microsoft and our partners will be there to help address the biggest challenges in education. These new devices support more engaging, collaborative and accessible learning for all, and that translates to providing the best tools for inclusive and equitable education.

Let’s look at the range of Windows 11 devices that our partners are bringing to market for education:

Acer TravelMate Spin B3 open and in tent mode in front of same device propped up in tablet mode

Acer has been working closely with Microsoft in order to provide devices for pilot programs that bring Windows 11 SE to schools around the world. It is one of the first brands to carry devices powered by Windows 11 SE, starting with Acer TravelMate Spin B3 laptop. This 11.6-inch device was built to survive the K-12 school-day in the classroom and at home: with military-grade durability to withstand drops, shock-absorbent bumpers, well-secured keys and drainage to protect internal components from moderate spills. It comes with the latest Intel Pentium Silver and Celeron processors, a webcam, 10-hour battery life and Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) with 2×2 MU-MIMO technology to help with connectivity in multi-user environments. Another Acer laptop powered by Windows 11 SE: the TravelMate B3.

ASUS BR1100F open and floating, back to back forming six sides

For students of all ages, ASUS BR1100F, powered by Windows 11 SE, is a learning companion with a tough, innovative design that’s made to last. It’s been built to withstand knocks, bumps, drops and spills without damage, whether it’s dropped from a classroom desk or the dining table. In addition to a versatile touchscreen display and stylus, there’s also an ultra-tough 360-degree hinge and a world-facing camera. Other protective features include an all-round rubber bumper and spill-resistant keyboard. BR1100F also supports up to Wi-Fi 6 and optional 4G LTE for fast connectivity, and has AI-powered noise-canceling technology for high-quality remote learning and conferencing. A modular design makes it easy to service and antibacterial treatment on the cover, keyboard, touchpad and palm rest helps keep it clean.

Empower boundless learning with the Dell Latitude 3120 and 3120 2-in-1 for Education, powered by Windows 11 SE. Built with a new chassis design, 11-inch display, Intel Celeron Quad-Core and Pentium Quad-Core Processors, extended battery life and ExpressCharge – which will charge the device up to 80% in about an hour – students can confidently power through every lesson uninterrupted. Optional Wi-Fi 6 empowers faster speed, increased capacity and better power efficiency. Laser etching on the front and back covers provides enhanced grip to help prevent drops and slipping. On the 2-in-1, Dragontrail Pro glass provides scratch resistance, as well as better protection if the system is dropped on its corners. Engage students with the optional world-facing camera, which provides dual camera support that enables flipped viewing and recording angles. Students who want to write, take notes or draw diagrams from any angle or mode – flat, tent, tablet or laptop – can add on the optional Dell Active Pen.

Dynabook E10-S open and facing left

Expertly designed for remote and hybrid learning, the Dynabook E10-S is a full-featured, 11.6-inch Windows 11 SE laptop that could be the perfect tool for students and their careers. Backed by 35 years of helping students get the most from their education, Dynabook (formerly Toshiba PC Company) equips the compact and lightweight device with a backpack-safe, reinforced chassis with bumpers, 180-degree hinges and spill-resistant keyboard with mechanically anchored keys to endure daily classroom use. With its efficient Intel processor, solid state storage and array of ports, including USB-C, the Dynabook E10 easily keeps pace with the curriculum. The laptop’s long-lasting battery helps power students through their day and tackle their homework. All this comes at an affordable price.

Also check out the Dynabook Satellite Pro E10S, powered by Windows 11.

HP ProBook Fortis 14 G9 notebook open and facing forward

HP has introduced new laptops to help students stay productive in the classroom, at home or on the go – or a blend of all three environments. At the forefront is the HP ProBook Fortis 14-inch G9 Notebook, powered by Windows 11 SE. Built for the greater demands being placed on today’s students, this device features a 14-inch diagonal display giving them more screen to stay productive – whether it’s taking notes while watching a lecture or creating visual stories with ease. Students can also see their work more clearly with brighter anti-glare displays. This notebook help students move confidently through their day as they access assignments and apps seamlessly with Wi-Fi 6. With learning taking place in so many different places, devices are susceptible to more drops, bumps and spills. Technology that can withstand the rigors of wherever learning takes place is paramount. With a starting weight of 3.70 pounds, the textured surface makes it easier for students of all ages to grip and handle the lightweight devices. The reinforced power and USB-C ports limit damage from accidentally tugged cables, while the mechanically reinforced corners and co-molded rubber trims absorb shocks and reinforced hinges minimize stress on the hinges from repeated opening and closing. The anchored keyboard prevents keys from being removed and resists spills up to 11.8 ounces. Students can also wipe down the chassis, keyboard and display using commonly available household disinfecting and cleaning wipes. For enhanced safety and protection, the device features a new metal shield that protects the battery from puncture and swelling.

HP’s other laptop powered by Windows 11 SE: the HP Pro x360 Fortis 11-inch G9 Notebook.

Other HP laptops in the Fortis portfolio powered by Windows 11: HP Pro x360 Fortis 11-inch G9 Notebook, HP Pro x360 Fortis 11-inch G10 Notebook, HP ProBook Fortis 14-inch G9 Notebook and HP ProBook Fortis 14-inch G10 Notebook.

JP.IK’s Windows 11 SE device is an affordable laptop built with K-12 students in mind: the Leap T304, starting at $219. This device’s light and rugged design can withstand drops from up to almost 3.5 feet, has an anti-glare display, super-fast Wi-Fi, all-day battery life and a rotating 2-megapixel camera. Students are always ready to learn, thanks to a fast boot time and instant resume with Windows 11 SE. Security features such as a Kensington Lock and fTPM2.0 (with secure boot enabled by default) help reassure parents and teachers that their child’s primary school PC remains safe. The Leap T304 comes in packaging certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, made from sustainably cultivated forests and recyclable plastic.

Another JP.IK laptop powered by Windows 11 SE: Turn T303, starting at $269. And, check out other JP.IK laptops running Windows 11: Slide S301 and Leap Connect T304.

Five young students looking over at one students about to tap on a Lenovo 10w tablet on a table

Lenovo has announced new additions to its broad education portfolio designed to enhance learning efficiencies in a new age for education. The new devices are purpose-built to meet the needs of modern in-person and distance-learning. The all-new Lenovo 10w Tablet, powered by Windows 11, also includes the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c compute platform to deliver an Always On, Always Connected computing experience with the power and performance to help modernize learning. With its ruggedized rubber bumper and Corning Gorilla Glass, offering better protection for daily wear and tear, it’s ideal for younger students. The detachable keyboard converts the tablet into a 10.1-inch laptop allowing students to type documents, take online exams or participate in collaborative engagements with fellow students. An optional garaged pen further enhances interaction as learners can directly annotate on screen or highlight relevant subject matter through computer-assisted training tools. The 16:10 aspect ratio FHD display offers a better form factor for reading, and front and world-facing cameras facilitate remote learning and photo-taking on field trips. Students (and their parents) will also appreciate the responsive performance, extended battery life, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity and enterprise-grade security.

Lenovo is also introducing the Lenovo 13w Yoga, which is also powered by Windows 11. And if you’re looking for other Lenovo laptops powered by Windows 11 SE, check out the 100w and 300w, 500w and 14w. For more information on these and other devices, head over to Lenovo’s education portfolio.

There are many more Windows 11 SE devices coming this year, including releases from Fujitsu and Positivo, in addition to the devices already mentioned here.

The ability to build personal connections through anytime, anywhere education is critical. I just love the thoughtful detail our partners have used in the development of these devices. Parents and educators will love the durability and reliability, while students will enjoy the power and performance. The demands presented by hybrid and remote learning have fostered incredible innovation, and it is encouraging to see how far we have come in the past couple of years.